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"Han tar ett föremål från bordet."

Translation:He takes an object from the table.

March 20, 2015



Would anyone ever say object instead of table? Would you say föremål in this case in swedish? Because in english it'd be super awkward


I can come up with very few occasions where I'd use föremål in this way in Swedish. As you say, it's a bit awkward. But I imagine it's because you do need to learn the word, and it's kind of hard to put it in a context matching the skill level since most non-awkward settings would be e.g. academic and use harder language.


Why doesn't "he takes an object off the table" work ?


yah, same question. I feel this is just a matter of nuance and should probably be accepted


Cant be "He takes something from the table"


"He is taking the object from the table" doesn't suit Duo, I guess.


Can someone give me a list of the different forms of föremål? Google translate only gives me objekt! (:

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