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"Los minutos y segundos del día"

Translation:The minutes and seconds of the day

December 16, 2012



I find that Spanish in this arena is unpredictable with regard to when to be very literal and when to be interpretive. My policy is to be very literal--and be corrected. I then go back and practice prior lessons and sort of remember those nuances, hoping that in the long run, it sticks with me.


I think "and the seconds" should be acceptable


It would mean the same thing, in English, however they didn't say "los segundos". Tiny difference.


Can someone clarify for me: Is "dia" masculine? I thought it was feminine as it ends in "a", hence "del" wouldn't be appropriate.


it should be feminine but it's an exception! just like mano ends with o so it should be masculine but it's la mano...


To my understanding it is just an irregular noun and is masculine because of it's origin from Latin 'die', which if my memory serves, is masculine and that property maintained.

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