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When you joined

It seems that Duolingo doesn't display when a user joined the site. So most people just guess, or check their browser's history. A few just accept the fact that they can't figure it out.

At first I just ignored that problem. But when somebody posted a discussion asking how to find their join date, I decided to check and find a solution.

Some of you already figured this out, but for those who don't know yet, here's the solution: check the source code. Oddly enough, you can find your join date in there! What's more, it doesn't matter which Duolingo page you start on - any page will work.

To find it, simply right-click and select "View page source". Then hit Ctrl+F and search for "creation_date". The join date will be right there.

Anybody interested in comparing join dates? It would be interesting to see who has the earliest join date. (I have 2013-08-07, or August 7.)

EDIT: Earliest user found in the comments: Mirima, 2012-03-21

August 30, 2013



2012-09-18 11:42:37, so almost a year now. Was pretty engaged when I first started, and then stopped for a while.

Back on track now though, with at least 100 points per day.


2012-07-20 02:15:30, I only started using it around Christmas though, so I think it could be the signup date? - strange..


Thanks for the tip! For me, it was 06/06/13.


April 2nd, 2013; "2013-04-02 20:00:25" I could have sworn I've been using Duolingo longer than that, but time flies when you are having fun.


"2012-03-31 21:40:56" Seems that I am the 'oldest member until now. I remember watching a TED-Ex video where it was announced. I started Spanish right away and I was very active until my vacation. I restarted this year after my visit to France.


Funny you should mention that. I signed up right after watching the same TED video on Netflix. It's a rather inspirational video, isn't it?


2013-07-15 04:28:16, I was trying to pick up Spanish on my own, thank heavens I heard the TED talk Luis gave. Amazing. Moving along at a much brisker pace now:-) Thank you Luis and everyone at Duo! TED talk link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQl6jUjFjp4


Didn't work for me for some reason. Could it be because I'm using a Mac?


Nah, but it could be because of your browser. I can do this fine using Chrome on Ubuntu.


Hmm, I'll try another browser then. Thanks.


2013-06-07 18:16:52 Only been here for couple months


2013-08-20, Thanks for sharing this.


Date#2013-09-03 , Time#12:15:27


19th July 2013. I used the mobile app to join but this seems correct.Thanks for the tip!


This no longer seems to be available (2018-07-29)

EDIT You can still check this via Settings (hover your profile pic in the top-right) → Profile (sidebar) → There's an entry on the left called "Learning since"

I have been practising Japanese with Duo since 2017-06-01; 1 year, 1 month and 28 days now! (though I haven't for several months)


This was very helpful i as trying to rack the time when i first started learning korean and this was very helpful to me!!! Thank You for your help and i wish you luck in your language learning in 2021!


February 23rd 2013


Says I started on the 22nd this month, but it's been a month or so i'd say :S


I see 2013-05-31, what is just wrong- I discovered the site only 25 days ago.


That's odd. I wonder if Duolingo was experiencing technical issues when you joined? They could have put the wrong date in there.


wow that's weird! i agree with TimothyGeek.


July 20th, 2013 or "2013-07-20 18:38:52", which is correct (but not very early ^^" ). Thanks for sharing this trick!


Wow, and you already finished Spanish! Nice job!


Danke! It's something summer break is perfect for (:


2013-05-02 12:33:3


February 1, 2013 This just confirms that I am slow.

[deactivated user]

    Thanks Timothy. My start date: 2018-01-11T21:04:31. Awesome. I was really curious.


    I joined "2017-01-05"


    Abe kahan lika hai be

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