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Removing xp points by hand


I am a native Italian speaker. I am currently learning the German from English course, but wanted to have a look at the Immersion section of people who are learning Italian. So I registered for an Italian course, took the placement test and gained many xp points. Stupidly enough, I thought that removing the course would have got rid of the xp points as well, but that didn't happen. Only a moment afterwards I noticed the "Remove progress" button, which would have served me well, but it was too late. Now, not even re-registering for Italian and then removing progress helps, of course.

Is there a way to eliminate the 2000 or so xp points by hand (with some script, maybe)? Is there any admin that can do it?

Thanks, Andrea

March 20, 2015



Are you facing any problem due to the additional XPs? The XPs for each course are segregated. So when you are in the German for English speakers course you wouldn't be seeing the XPs from the Italian course. I guess the only place the 2K XPs may linger on would be the all-time stats in the leaderboard.


Thanks for your answer. Actually, even now that I've removed the Italian course, I see the 2K XPs in the Daily Goal window as well. That's my main concern, even though it would be nice to remove them also from the Leaderboard stats.


That will stay there for a day only as the daily goal is common to all courses. So you will be rid of it once the day resets.


Hi. Indeed, now my daily XPs are back to zero, as it should be. Unfortunately, I still see the peak of 2K+ XPs from yesterday. I would have expected that to go away as well, since the extra points were gained in another course.

However, I guess this is not easily fixable. This is why I would have liked a system administrator to manually remove points from my account, which must be possible. If I may suggest something for the future, I would make it impossible to remove a course without resetting the progress. If - as you said - XPs for each course are segregated, I don't see the point in retaining XPs gained with a course that I am deleting. But this is just my opinion! :-)


I still see the peak of 2K+ XPs from yesterday

If you are referring to the XP graph on the home page, the 2K peak you see should disappear in a few days (the graph only shows the data for the last 7 days).

The XP points are segregated by course. So when I look at your profile, I see the following.

German - Level 10
Next level: 625 XP
Total XP: 2375 XP

This doesn't have the XPs gained from the Italian course.


That's good. If it is not possible to remove the extra 2K XPs from the leaderboard, then fine. I'll be more careful next time! =)

Thanks for all your help, have a nice day!

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