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Thanks for the good times but it's over now.

I can't take it anymore! These lessons are so frustrating. It's basically a guessing game. If I see a new word and click over it and get 3-4 translations and none of them are the correct answer why am I wasting my time with this? I know it's still in beta and think maybe I should wait a few months till they can work out the kinks before I continue. I like the idea of crowd sourcing in theory but I feel like I spend more time trying to fix the errors and help improve the site than actually learning any Portuguese. I really do hope they continue to build upon what they've started but I have a feeling they will just continue to add more languages instead of improving the ones they already have. I wish they had just started with Spanish and made it the best damn Spanish course EVER before they started adding more languages. Sorry for the rant. I shouldn't be mad after all it's free, but free ain't always a good thing.

December 16, 2012



Just think, each language on the site contains thousands of sentences, and then each sentence has a number of viable translations. It takes time to improve the data, and the particular course you are taking was launched just a few weeks ago and is still labeled as a beta. Duolingo is a living service, the learning content and features are constantly improving, and I think that's what makes it awesome.


I've completed the Spanish course to the end. I did get a little frustrated at times but overall I think the course was excellent. I've gone back to the earlier lessons and can see they have improved since I first did them. I am sure it will be the same for other languages.


I think that the especialist in the specific languages could please just review their material. It's just a possibility.

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