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Request: Practise new words

It would be cool if you could choose to practise sets of words that you can choose because you feel you are particularly weak at them, not because duolingo says so. For example, if you've just learn a group of 10 or more words, duolingo might say they're strong, but you might not feel you know them well yet - it would be nice to be able to therefore select a series of words you feel like practising, rather than practising individual ones or ones which Duolingo identifies as being your weak ones!

August 30, 2013



When I've just completed a lesson and gained some new words I like to go into the lesson section and either drill them one by one to get the spelling and forms down or use the practice skill option to work on the meanings.

Would that help with your problem?


I just found out about the practice skill option in the section. It really helps. And, you can look at the complete list of vocabulary from a section. There you can choose any lesson to practice on.

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