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Incubator Stories: Meet amuzulo and niskigwun

This week, we'd like to introduce you to amuzulo, a moderator for the Esperanto for English speakers course and niskigwun, a contributor for the English for Korean speakers course.

<h1>Meet amuzulo</h1>

Moderator for the Esperanto for English speakers course Imgur

What country and city are you living in? Berlin, Germany

What are your interests? Where do you work? Languages, board and video games, travel, watching ice hockey and I am founder and CEO of Ludisto, an iOS game company.

What's your native language? English

What languages do you know? en eo de fr nl es

What is in your toolbag for translating on the Incubator? John Wells English Esperanto dictionary, La Poŝamiko (booklet for Esperanto beginners), Kontakto [magazine] basic word list, Plena Ilustrita Vortaro (Unabridged Illustrated Dictionary: www.vortaro.net), Incubator wiki, Club Mate drink.

When do you translate on the Incubator? Mornings or evenings

What's your greatest language related accomplishment? "Founding the Esperanto Wikipedia :-D Having a 5-minute conversation in Polish with a taxi driver (Polish is hard!). Attending a week-long French course where we used French 10 hours per day. Finishing the Esperanto Affixes lessons on Duolingo. :-D"

<h1>Meet niskigwun</h1>

Contributor for the English for Korean speakers course Imgur

What country and city are you living in? Arlington, Virginia, USA

What are your interests? Where do you work? I love to travel, to eat, and to take pictures, especially while traveling. I'm currently in Polish training for a new job.

What's your native language? English

What languages do you know? Chinese, Korean, some Portuguese, and now some Polish. Plus I've tried all the courses for English speakers :)

What is in your toolbag for translating on the Incubator? I usually translate with a snack next to me, a few online dictionaries open on my laptop, and either the TV on or music playing. I think better with noise in the background. :)

When do you translate on the Incubator? I usually translate in the afternoon after work and before dinner, but sometimes when I have a few minutes and nothing to do I'll jump on for a little while.

What's your greatest language related accomplishment? Besides joining the Korean-English incubator team? I've done pretty well the U.S. government's language test in Mandarin and Korean, I've watched Chinese movies without subtitles and lived/worked comfortably in Korea using Korean every day.

To get involved in the Incubator apply here: http://incubator.duolingo.com/apply

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March 20, 2015


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Thanks for all the great work, both of you. I'm especially excited for the Esperanto course and I'm delighted to see it on 90% with 15,000 people expressing an interest. I've met Chuck at an Esperanto event and he's a really friendly lad.

March 20, 2015


Glad to have a fan! :-D

March 20, 2015


You have another fan! Looking forward to the Esperanto course!

March 20, 2015


Nice work guys!

KaiEngle and Wilvandal....moderators so nice, their story link got posted twice.
MThoriqMalano and ckhadung...moderators so nice, their story link got posted thrice.

March 20, 2015


"Founding the Esperanto Wikipedia :-D Wow that's huge, many congratulations to both of you =)

March 20, 2015


Thanks! Duolingo is the closest project I've seen in years to having the same impact that Wikipedia has had. I'm so happy to be a part of it!

March 23, 2015


Amuzulo, Thank you for all your hard work on Esperanto. I really do appreciate it. Wow 90% percent now :) I took note of your Esperanto 'tool bag' contents. What 'tool bag' contents would you recommend for new users to the upcoming course? Free or purchased. I note that Google book has the John C. Wells English-Esperanto-English Dictionary for $7.65 US that I will happily purchase if it will give optimal usage over other references for the Duolingo course. Vortaro.net is "free" but I am wanting the best references available that will be of particular use with this course. Dankon denove.! :)

March 20, 2015


Yeah, that's the best English-Esperanto dictionary out there and it's nice because it has both directions too. I'd highly recommend Poŝamiko, but it's so small that it makes sense to buy a bunch of them at once (to save on shipping relatively) and you can give them to friends who are starting to learn too. You can see some sample pages here: http://edukado.net/prie/sinprezento/poshamiko

Vortaro.net is also excellent, but as it's an Esperanto-Esperanto dictionary, it's not very suitable for beginners unless you love a huge challenge. :-D Some easy books to read are Detektivu pri la Krimo de Katrina and Fajron sentas mi interne. Also, once you reach an intermediate level, I would highly recommend Vojaĝo en Esperantolando, which is a collection of Esperanto cultural pieces with explanations and exercises for mastery.

March 21, 2015


Such a nice way

to get to see

the lovely mods

thank you

March 20, 2015


Great work, nice to know more about you! Your language learning accomplishments are pretty great, amuzulo! :D

And Niskigwun, translating with a snack sounds like absolutely the best way to work. :D

March 20, 2015


Great! Interesting to know more about a team member of one's team :)

March 20, 2015


I'd like to have the stories of those 2 Swedish mods that have contributed the most to the course, i see they post quite a lot, and they seem like really awesome guys.

March 20, 2015


Nia esperanta klubo en auxstino estas tre ekscitita por ĉi!

May 5, 2015
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