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Would seeing a list of questions you got wrong at the end of practice help other people as well?

I like to use the Lesson Practice to test my own skills and recognition so I know which words I don't remember, which words I use wrong and where my spelling lets me down and I end up keeping a mental list of words to go to Vocabulary and practice for a bit.

I was wondering, would it help other people to have your incorrect answers displayed at the end so you could write them down and work hard on them?

Also, if this has been brought up before I'm really sorry. I still haven't gotten the hang of the search function.

August 30, 2013



Thanks so much for the link!

They said they were going to try it but that was 8 months ago so if they do I guess it'll be after the whole 'add your own language thing'. I can wait.


It is a great idea and I hope Duolingo can tell us when it is going to be added but sadly they don't want to tell us the release date when they are not sure...


I can't fault them for that.


Yes, it is still a good idea.

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