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Hi there, my name is Paul, I'm from Ireland and I'm studying Swedish. I have mostly been using Duolingo so far and it's been enormously helpful.

In an effort to learn more of the practicalities of the language and to fill in some gaps in knowledge, I've started a blog about learning the language, where I write about what I've learned and will attempt to post in Swedish as much as possible. I've only posted one entry in Swedish so far, but even at that I already found myself looking up some words online and struggling with sentence structure. This leads me to believe I will learn a lot from it, but at the moment I have no way of knowing if what I'm posting is correct or not.

So, what I'm hoping for here is to start a blogging community among us Swedish learners. If others among you would be interested I think it would be very useful to start these blogs and follow each other's so we can help and learn from each other along the way. If anyone already has a blog and wants to connect with others or if anyone wants to start a blog could you link to it here and hopefully we can get some learning and fun going!

Thanks guys!

March 20, 2015



That sounds like a great idea! I've bookmarked your blog and I'll probably start one of my own as well. It would be super cool if we had a whole community of us doing this.

However, it occurs to me that if you wish to be corrected in your writing, a good place to post your entries is on Lang-8. It is essentially a website where people make posts in their target language and others help to learn by correcting them.


Nice ! I'm writing a blog about all the cultures of the world, stories of their history and later about languages, I'm going to write posts in different languages some day too. http://polyglotlegend.blogspot.fi Here is the address of this most glorious blog, be inspired.


It would be super cool if we got a whole bunch of us doing this. Here is my contribution: https://svenskaaventyr.wordpress.com/


Just wondering before continuing with this, is there any issue with linking to external blogging sites on Duolingo?


No, it should be OK to link out!


This would be so cool! I've been thinking about doing this myself, I'm glad you took a step to actually doing it! :D Which platform are you doing it on?


Great to hear there's some interest! I'm doing it on Wordpress. You can find my site here https://minsvenskaresan.wordpress.com/ (I'm not even sure if the URL is grammatically correct :S)


Afraid not ;( *min svenska resa - You always want an indefinite noun after a genitive/posessive!

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