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  5. "He walks by her."

"He walks by her."

Translation:Ele passa por ela.

August 31, 2013



Ele caminha por ela.

What's wrong with that?


It sounds strange, like "he walks over her"


ele caminha por ela doesnt is mean "he walks by her" ?


Actually I think the meaning of "ele caminha por ela" or "ele anda por ela" would be "he walks for her", like he is walking instead of her.

Or, if we assume "ela" is a street, it would mean "he walks along the street"

"He walks by her" means that he meets her in the middle of his walking. "Ele passa por ela" is the more appropriate translation.


Hmmm i wrote "ele caminha ao lado dela" and it was accepted. But this sentence does not mean "he meets her in the middle of his walking"... to walk by is not "to walk next to" ? Sorry, i am french and maybe a little lost between english and portuguese !


I'm not sure about the English sentence, maybe it can also mean "he walks next to her". A native English speaker would be better in clarifying this.


He walks by her could be to walk past her.


"Ele passa por ela" does not mean that he picks her up?


To pick her up = buscá-la


what about "ele camina com ela?" is this correct?


Ele caminha com ela = he walks with her


As far as I know the lenguage is not something rigid, I mean, i get your point, that's a "more correct" or literal translation of what i said, but I was wandering if "ele camina com ela" could be a translation for this sentence too. isn't it?

Plus if you speak spanish and i'm pretty sure you do, I hope you can explain to me what "walk by someone" means, if it's not annoying to you... cuz honestly I didn't get that, I don't get what "walks by someone" means, it sounds totally unnatural to me, that's why I think in "caminar con ella" if you get what i mean.

And thx for always helping and all your support.


walk with = go on a walking with someone. walk by is similar to pass by, as in, pass in front of someone walking and not necessarily walk along with the person. (Cuando ella pasa por mi, me quedo mal vs Camino con ella todas las tardes).


Ele caminha perto de ela?


no, different from Spanish, you have to link "de ela".


Does "Ele passa por ela." mean; He walks by (beside) her. Or He walks by (past) her. ?


What is the difference between pelo ela and por ela?


The only correct version is "Por ela". "Pelo ela" is incorrect.

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