"Nosotros podemos construir un hotel."

Translation:We can build a hotel.

March 20, 2015



AN hotel is the correct English. A hotel is incorrect.

May 7, 2015


The issue here is the difference between British English and American English and to a lesser extent Canadian or Australian English. In many parts of Great Britain, the "h" is silent or very very soft, pronounced "otel", so "an hotel". In America the "h" is pronounced so "a hotel". In America most nouns that start with "h" use "a". A house, a hurricane, a hotel, a horse, a home, etc. The only exception that I can think of the the word herb. Most Americans (at least in the North East ) pronounce it "erb". So "an" is used. For example: that plant is an herb.

Both "an hotel" and "a hotel" are correct depending on where you live.

December 2, 2016


Both are correct if you say "an OH-tell" or "a HO-tell"

July 18, 2016


...en El Muelle. Solamente necesitamos cuatro casas y doscientos dolares más. ;)

June 6, 2015


'an hotel' is the correct english. Duolingo has marked it incorrect.

March 20, 2015


"[...] Today, though, these three words are generally pronounced with a spoken ‘h’ at the beginning and so it’s now more logical to refer to ‘a hotel’, ‘a historic event’, or ‘a horrific accident’."


March 21, 2015


It depends a bit on where you are in the world. Where I live we say 'an honor to meet you' but we say 'a hotel.'

March 21, 2015


Agree. Most Canadians would agree with you.

March 31, 2016


You should come over to the Portuguese tree and see what passes for "English" there... truly hair-raising! ;-)

March 20, 2015


an hotel sounds perfectly normal for me to say.

June 18, 2016


an hotel is a much easier word flow.

June 18, 2016


I dunno, I've always said 'a hotel'. 'An hotel' sounds strange to me.

November 29, 2016


Whether the 'h' is aspirated or not, good English remains "an hotel" - "a hotel" is poor English and should not be used in a language course!

September 21, 2016


why is it podemos and not puede or puedo

March 8, 2018


The slow voice says "nosotras" but the fast voice says "nosotros".

August 29, 2019
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