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Graph your progress (monthly)

You now have a "weekly progress," which I like to look at as I'm studying for the week. What you now need is to look further than a short week and look at the "monthly progress report." This would be a fine edition to the already many great features of Duolingo. It is an ongoing, long term effort to learn a new language and many people would benefit from this.

December 16, 2012



I would suggest adding achievement badges in a similar vein to Fitocracy.


We are always thinking about adding stats that are meaningful and motivating. For example, we recently started showing your number of words learned in each language. Seeing progress and setting goals over longer periods of time could be good too.


I would also love to know how many words will I master once finishing all the courses of a language~!


I agree with this. I would like to see it graphed out over a longer period of time. That way I could tell how the slope of my learning curve is changing over time as well.


aaaaaaaaaaah i was stoked to read this comment but deterred when i saw its four years old... i wish you could scroll back through your weekly charts to see how the time commitment has fluctuated since beginning


As a teacher, I would love to know how my students could share their weekly progress with me, or how I could add my students to a virtual "class" so that I could monitor their progress. Is there a way to do this? It would be great to have this progress visible to all in the "class." (More than just following 3 other users).


I'm not sure you still use the site, but you can access your student's pages directly.

http://duolingo.com/#/MadameSchwartz is your page for example.

Bookmark each of those pages and then you can revisit them quickly.

On the profile page you can see each student's score and then transfer it to a spreadsheet, or whatever tracking system you use.

It's a bit of a chore but if you're only doing it once a week, not so bad.

Hopefully, the site will have your virtual class functionality at some point.


You can ask them to simply print a screen shot each week and send you/post a pdf. With a Mac, the command is command-shft-4, followed by space bar for the whole screen or drag the curser for part of the screen. PC's probably have similar functions.


That would be great I want to see how I'm doing always and the little coin chart just annoys/confuses me..... monthly (no coin) would help it its a line graph to show it over time


I also recommend achievement badges. for categories like: number of words learned, number of translations, learning streak days.


This is exactly what I wanted to suggest, maybe on even bigger scale: how about the overall progress graph? For example, just today I wanted to check for how long have I been studying with Duolingo and compare my progress with friends who go to the language courses.

It is great to see your weekly statistics, but it would be just awesome to see everything!


I write down my score (and my friends') every time I finish up a session and put it into a spreadsheet to make my own chart. It definitely helps my motivation to see the line trend up. And that I'm beating them:)

It would be great to have the charting built into the site.


Three years and no way to generate a month or year graph? I was going to use this for data in titrating the effectiveness of medication my psychiatrist has me on.


wow . that is too cool .


put my progress on facebook


add my progress badges to my facebook page


How do I find the graph on the website? I'm having trouble figuring this out

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