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"Tóg" To take, to build?

Recently I came across the sentence "Tógann an fear an foirgneamh" Which I translated as "the man takes the building" But apparently tóg also means build? Any explanation?

3 years ago



It's just how it is, basically.

The etymology is that it comes from the verbal noun of the Middle Irish verb meaning

“lifts up, raises; takes, takes up; brings; takes away, lifts off, removes; raises, sets up (of stones, buildings, etc.); exalts, uplifts, elevates, extols; rears, brings up, fosters; exacts, levies, raises (a tribute or tax); awakens, rouses, excites”

3 years ago


Ohhhh, could it be a cognate of the Latin verb tollo-tollere? It also means "raise, lift up, elevate, remove, take away".

3 years ago

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Latin tollo can also mean “destroy”, which might be cognate with Irish toghail.

3 years ago


Tóg is the imperative form (as in "take it easy"), of the verb. As galaxyrocker says, it is in the general area of: to raise, lift up, build, cause or take up (in the sense of producing or elevating by an action)

1 year ago