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  5. "Tóg" To take, to build?


"Tóg" To take, to build?

Recently I came across the sentence "Tógann an fear an foirgneamh" Which I translated as "the man takes the building" But apparently tóg also means build? Any explanation?

March 20, 2015



It's just how it is, basically.

The etymology is that it comes from the verbal noun of the Middle Irish verb meaning

“lifts up, raises; takes, takes up; brings; takes away, lifts off, removes; raises, sets up (of stones, buildings, etc.); exalts, uplifts, elevates, extols; rears, brings up, fosters; exacts, levies, raises (a tribute or tax); awakens, rouses, excites”


Ohhhh, could it be a cognate of the Latin verb tollo-tollere? It also means "raise, lift up, elevate, remove, take away".


Latin tollo can also mean “destroy”, which might be cognate with Irish toghail.


Tóg is the imperative form (as in "take it easy"), of the verb. As galaxyrocker says, it is in the general area of: to raise, lift up, build, cause or take up (in the sense of producing or elevating by an action)

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