Can't get the microphone to record.I am running OS 10.7.3

May 11, 2012


thanks for answering. My mic is turned on---I checked multiple times. It just says either that it can't hear me try again or that it can't understand me try again more slowly....

Your question prompted me to look at my settings. I'd noticed that I was no longer being offered oral exercises, but thought they were no available. I found that my microphone was set to 'off'. Not sure how that happened.

Yes, I've found that sometimes I really have to get up close and yell, before my voice is received. It seems to happen randomly. Even if I've done a lesson in another language without problems, when I switch, I sometimes have continual problems in the new exercises.

I'll see what happens, now that I've turned my microphone on again.

guess i'll just keep trying then. I don't think it will let me go to the next lesson/level until it hears me -) Thanks

Maybe turn your microphone off for awhile. I've been progressing even with mine disabled for some time.

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