" as not to be cold."

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I had to translate "I wear a hat so as not to be cold." My solution was "Ik draag een hoed zodat heb ik niet koud." But Duo said I was wrong and the correct answer is "Ik draag een hoed, zodat ik het niet koud heb." I'm not sure why I was wrong and why the Duo solution is the correct one. In particular, I'm not clear on why "het" should be used there and the word order confused me too. Anyone know?

3 years ago

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When you are feeling hot/warm/cold you should use "het".

Ik heb het koud

Hij heeft het warm

Wij krijgen het koud

As for the word order; it is always "ik heb" unless you are asking a question, then it would be "heb ik(?)". Maybe someone else can explain it further.

3 years ago
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That's right, "ik heb het warm/koud" is a special phrase that you'll simply have to memorize.

As for the word order, remember that in subordinate clauses, the verb is always moved to the back. So "ik heb het niet koud" becomes " ... zodat ik het niet koud heb". See here for more information:

3 years ago
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