"He often comes to visit us."

Translation:Hij komt vaak bij ons op bezoek.

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I do not understand the sentence structure. Why is it bezoek and not bezoeken? Sorry tried to look it up but was either not looking in the right place and/or for the right thing.:-} Thank you in advance for the help.

3 years ago


It's what happens when you have multiple verbs in a sentence.

This link explains it a little better


3 years ago


The literal translation of this is "He comes often to us on visit". Is there an easy way to remember this? Why is this preferable to "Hij bezoekt ons vaak"?

3 years ago

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It's just how it's used. Hij bezoekt ons vaak is also fine, is't just not used as often as Hij komt vaak bij ons op bezoek.

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"Hij bezoekt ons vaak" = "He visits us often/ He often visits us", which misses the "come" part.

In Dutch if someone (he) comes to visit you it is: "Hij komt op bezoek bij mij". Using "op" and "bij" is just the way it is said in Dutch in these cases.

3 years ago
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