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  5. "De vrouw eet kaas."

"De vrouw eet kaas."

Translation:The woman eats cheese.

March 20, 2015



It really sounded like "De vrouw eet kat" (which isn't grammatical anyway). I had to guess it was "kaas"!


Here the audio sounds ok and sounds like kaas for both speeds. Comparison with kat: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/10600568


I hear both as rhyming with the English word "cut", although the "t" in "kat" is stronger, like "kat" vs "katt". Neither one sounds like "cuss".


Interesting, perhaps it has to do with the device as it sounds correct here.


I thought the same which is why listened to it on my computer before posting my previous reply. I do all my lessons on my phone. Maybe the end of the audio has been cut off making the "s" sound like a "t"? Maybe the Dutch /s/ is slightly different from the English /s/ so a partial /s/ sounds correct to you but wrong to me?


So do you spell it kaas or kat? I am confused :/

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