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  5. "Hjulen är vita."

"Hjulen är vita."

Translation:The wheels are white.

March 20, 2015



Is there a way to tell the difference between Julen and Hjulen? They sound the same to me. Would it just be that Julen wouldn't make sense with the grammar?


They sound exactly the same, but you're right that it can't be julen here because of grammar. This is where gender is somewhat helpful. It's ett hjul but en jul. So julen is single definite, which means it would have to be julen är vit 'the Christmas is white'.

en jul, julen; jular, jularna 'a Christmas, the Christmas; Christmases, the Christmases'
ett hjul, hjulet; hjul, hjulen 'a wheel, the wheel; wheels, the wheels'


M.r Arnauti, i thought the plural form of ett ords ending with a consonant like ....l.... will be the same as its singular form of it. Example barn.....barn .so why should not we suppose hjulen to be wrong basically


What you’re saying is true for the indefinite form, but if you say ”the wheels” rather than ”wheels” the form is hjulen with a final -en.


When I just started learning Swedish, having to conjugate the adjectives was a liability, but now it's an asset! Not knowing the proper declension of "hjul", I was going to write: "the wheel is white", but then I noticed the plural suffix on the adjective, and realised "hjulen" is plural!


How would we say, ''The wheel is white'' ?


Hjulet är vitt.


A wheel is ett hjul, so 'the the wheel' is hjulet, and hjulen is the plural form. The wheel is white would be hjulet är vitt


What wheels are these wheel exercise are about?


Could be any kind of wheel really.


Now I get the joke; "Julen är vit"


We call white tires, White walls.


There's something wrong with the syntax checker then because it accepted 'Julen är vita' quite happily too!


Hjulen är vita but Väskan har hjul while both mean "wheels"?

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