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"Se não chover, eu vou ao colégio."

Translation:If it does not rain, I am going to school.

August 31, 2013



Perhaps the obvious Q: chover is in the infinitive while there is no auxiliary verb present here. Could someone elaborate on when this is used/allowed?


http://www.conjuga-me.net/verbo-chover. When you have the First Conditional in English, the verb in the "situation clause" is in future subjunctive in Portuguese. "Se você viajar..." / "se nós encontrarmos..."


Ah I see :). According to the conjugation table it is in fact the future subjunctive, correct? Would it also be (perhaps somewhat) possible to use the present conjunctive in this case? -> Se não chova, eu vou ao colégio.

Thanks for your reply!


Yes, subjunctive! (Fixed) To use the present subjunctive you have to replace "se" by "caso": caso não chova, eu vou ao colégio. Then it makes sense ;)


thank you as always! :)


Why couldn't you use the "Condicional - Futuro de Preterito" form in this case? e.g. "Se nao choveria..."


The future subjunctive is used when something is possible and is focused on a specific event.


"If it doesn't rain, I'll go to school" or "If it doesn't rain, I will go to school". Do these not mean the same thing as "If it does not rain, I am going to school."


Why can't colégio be translated to college?


School = escola, colégio (usually private).

College = faculdade.

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