"Is the jacket grey?"

Translation:Är jackan grå?

March 21, 2015



Why grå and not gråa?

March 12, 2016


Grå = singular (en) Gråa = plural

March 30, 2016


I just read a comment that said it doesnt make a difference but i guess it does

March 13, 2016


It doesn't matter in the definite/plural form:
Är jackorna grå/gråa? 'Are the jackets gray?'
de grå/gråa jackorna 'the gray jackets'
den grå/gråa jackan 'the gray jacket'
grå/gråa jackor 'gray jackets'

It does however matter in the singular and predicative form (predicative form = the one we have after verbs): only
Jackan är grå 'The jacket is gray'
en grå jacka 'a gray jacket'

May 5, 2016


Why is "de" not required before "jackan" as it seemed to be with any other definite noun modified by an adjective?

March 21, 2015


"Den" is only required when it's something like "Den gråa jackan".

Not when you're using a verb to describe it like "Är": "Jackan är grå".

March 21, 2015


So it's only required if you're saying "the grey jacket" but not when you're saying "the jacket is grey"?

March 22, 2015



Think of the "De-" as if it's a bookend. It's there to wrap the adjective between itself and the noun.

March 22, 2015


That makes sense, so it's required to "bookend" a phrase if it's independent but not if it's dependent within a statement or sentence along with a verb? So "the grey jacket" is ''den gråa jackan'' whereas "is the jacket grey?" is ''är jackan grå?''

March 23, 2015


Why is 'Jackan är grå?' marked incorrect? Is there a specific order of question forms of sentences that I am missing? P.S. Haven't started the questions part of lessons yet.

August 12, 2018
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