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mexican spanish

anybody knows any words that mexican spanish and not Castillan Spanish like in grammar or vocabulary because i want to better communicate with my mexican family

August 31, 2013



Some lists found with google.

I recognized some 'mexicanism' in them, nevertheless I don't know if they're 100% accurate lists. But by cross sourcing (with this lists and other you can find on the internet) you should be able to create you own correct list.

PS : If you post your question in the spanish section of the discussion you'll probably have more accurate and more number of answers...


I'm Mexican, tell me what type of words you want to know and I'll help you :)


like everything like stuff normal mexicans speak on a daily basis because i feel duolingo isn't providing me that and I'm mexican so it makes it even sadder


Ok, let me get this straight,you're of mexican decent, but you don't speak spanish, right? So you want to learn mexican spanish 'cause you want to conect more with your mexican family. Am I right? Ok, so a typical conversation between mexican would sound like this: - Que onda como estas? - Bien, aqui andamos trabajando. -Ah, orale, que bueno, como esta la familia? - Andan al tiro todos. - Que bueno, me da gusto, pues que tengas buen día, nos vemos. - Sale pues, nos vemos. That would be a normal mexican conversation. Hope this helps.


I'm having a similar issue. When I was in Mexico this winter I asked for a boligrafo to sign the check. None of the waiters knew what I meant. They called it pluma. they also didn't recognize my use of camarrero for waiter. Is Duolingo's vocabulary based on another Spanish speaking country?

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