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"Ellos no se van a sentir bien."

Translation:They are not going to feel well.

December 16, 2012



What is the meaning of "se" in this sentence. Or more, what is the function of se. Why is it essential?


if you say "I don't feel well" in spanish, it's reflexive. "no me siento bien" or "I don't feel (myself) well." so in this sentance, it's "se" for "they are not going to feel themselves well."


This is an "ir + a + infinitive" construction used as short cut to the future tense. Voy a comer arroz mañana. I am going to eat rice tomorrow. The difference is the infinitive is a reflexive verb sentirse. So the way you make the sentence is Subject + negation + reflexive pronoun appropriate to the plural 3rd person (se) + ir form (van) + a + verb without pronoun. Alternatively, one could write Ellos no van a sentirse bien. You have two options with the same meaning.


Gracias por la explanación. Es muy útil. Saludos


I was about to give up - but this response was at least a little crack of light for me.


They are NOT going to feel well" would have been correct. But it says 'no'. Which makes no sense.


I agree - "They are NO going to feel well" isn't good English. Hope DuoLingo can fix this soon!


Hola JJvH1991: Your page must show something different. At the top of my page it says "They are not going to feel well". Or maybe they fixed it since you wrote your comment.


They are NOT is accepted as of 11-19-14


This sentence reeks of subterfuge


Duolingo, you okay? Who hurt you?


As an amateur linguist, I want to get it right. Just because something is common doesn't make it correct. Well (and bien, as I understand it) describe a state of being when used this way. If I say I feel well, I am saying that overall I am in a positive state of being. If I say I feel good, I am saying that I feel, I don't know, noble or something.


vneil: If one feels "well" that means they can feel (touch) something successfully or easily or correctly. If one feels "good" that means they have a good attitude, they have good health, or just a feeling of happiness, etc. You can say "I am well" to mean "in good health", but NOT "I feel well".


All of the following are correct English and roughly equivalent: "I am well, I feel well, I am a well person." This refers to health.

"I feel good" is also correct but refers to state of mind. "How do you feel about your exam? -- I feel good about it." (Positive, but not necessarily rising to the level of "noble")


That refers to an ability to feel, not to a state of being. Different.


I don't know if it's my earphones or Duolingo's quality, but I'm often having trouble distinguishing "ellos" from "ellas" when she speaks.


they are 'no' going is very poor English, and should read "not"


They are not going- accepted as of 11-19-2014


You can also write it as "Ellos no van a sentirse bien."


Why doesn't it accept ''They themselves are not going to feel well.''? Is not that the purpose of SE (at least that's what I have gathered so far, but it seems I just cannot get my head around this exceedingly expressive language...


When your local gang is fighting with the national biker gang...


Silly sentence


Entonces no lo quiero!


Hm. If memory serves, I do recall the last sentence I had was ;they will not feel anything' hm


I hope they aren't going to get sick from that strawberry, maybe I couldn't have served it. Lol.


so why "se" isn't being reflective here? I put, "they are not going to feel good about themselves" . I wonder if this is making sense to someone


and they thought that Jose Cuervo was a friend of theirs . . .

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