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The Trouble With Romance Languages

Hello! I've been learning Italian for a while and now I would like to take on Spanish as well. While I myself don't usually have too much trouble keeping them separated in my head, every now and then I'll mix them up without realizing. I was wondering if perhaps the duolingo team could come up with some way for learners of both Spanish and Italian to practice differentiating between the two. I'm sure anything you come up with will be revolutionary and could open many doors for people who may have this same problem. Perhaps it could be a game-type system as well as the main course, only with a timer and every new question tells you which of the two languages to answer in. Perhaps this method would force the mind to keep them separated in order to be successful in the game. I'm no brain expert, but maybe someone who is could tell me if that might work or if it would need a different approach entirely. Well, that's all. I hope the duolingo staff will consider this idea or come up with a better way for learners to avoid confusing the two.

August 31, 2013


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