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  5. "She is very afraid of dogs."

"She is very afraid of dogs."

Terjemahan:Dia sangat takut anjing.

March 21, 2015

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"Dogs" means plural. So the translation should be "Dia sangat takut pada beberapa anjing". Please someone help me to explain this.


The English expression is plural, but the plural is not actually relevant. It's not about some (specific) dogs, or several dogs as opposed to a single one. I think you don't use plural in Indonesian in such cases. (I'm really not an expert, though.)


"Dogs" in this sentence means generality. Maybe she is very afraid of golden retrievers, siberian huskies, pit bulls, german shepherds or other dogs. English uses plural for generalities, and I think Indonesian language uses singular (no need reduplication and "beberapa").


Yeah I agree with her, please somebody fix this


Because the subject is "she" she he it add to S . for simple present



S disini bukan menunjukkan beberapa anjir, namun S disini menjelaskan sebagai semua anjir jenis apapun !!


Anjing anjing, bukan anjing

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