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  5. "¿Serías mi amigo?"

"¿Serías mi amigo?"

Translation:Would you be my friend?

December 16, 2012



¿Serías mi vecino? --Señor Rogers


¿Serías mi vecino? --Señor Robinson.


Why can't it be "Will you be my friend?"


Great question. It may be easier if you imagine these conditional verbs after an "if" clause. For example: "If I gave you a lingot, would you be my friend?"

P.S. I totally would.

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Conditional verbs usually include the modifier "would" or "could." Whereas "will" as you used it is usually future. See: http://www.wordreference.com/conj/ESverbs.aspx?v=serías where you will see Conditonal Verbs in the column marked, "Indicativo condicional" or the 5th column from the left in your browser window. More info on conditional verbs can also be found at: http://studyspanish.com/lessons/conditional.htm and http://www.spanishdict.com/topics/show/97


It accepted my answer, "would you be my friend?", so this is not a whine ... but "you would be friend?" sounds really awkward and I consider it incorrect.


Bill-Roca: As I asked IMfrederick above: The correct answer is above at top of this page: "Would you be my friend?" So what are you saying is improper? thanks.


I think that it's much more easier to remember the types of tenses/moods when they have their own skill.


Question: How do I post a NEW topic to the discussion forum. I think Duo should place the section on modals after the sections on the conditional and subjunctive so there is no need to struggle with verb forms while learning about modals. I tried to post this to the Discussion Forum but had no luck. It kept telling me I needed to select a topic. But of course this was not already a topic. Help.


Why not seas ? Why cant here be subjunctive since theres uncertainty


si yo sere tu amiga

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