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  5. "Die Löffel"

"Die Löffel"

Translation:The spoons

December 16, 2012



You have to know that it is "der Löffel" in singular.


Thanks for the gender clarification. I wish D.L. could include gender in the drop down for new words on the android app.


Exactly! That is really annoying. I mean, can't it wait until later (namely, halfway through the problem)?


I think most major web browsers support tabs these days! You can have a German dictionary opened up next to your Duolingo tab and check the new words for their articles and plural forms. A good one would be dict.cc. :)


Great tip, danke.


Yeah thats true


"die Löffel"

Since plural nouns and feminine nouns all take "die" then how were we to know that this was plural masculine and not singular feminine without having encountered this new word before?? When you roll over the word, it only gives the translation and not the gender. I think since the gender is very important, I it would be awesome not to have to open google translator simultaneously when learning new words in duoLingo in order to find out the gender of each. I end up typing "the spoon" or "the household appliance" or "the plate" into google translator to see what type of "the" it will give me. As usual, the software is still awesome awesomeness but maybe the feedback is useful as updates are made? Thanks.


Have you seen the Tinycards app? It goes with DL, so you can learn the new words that will be in any particular section, along with their gender, through flashcards.


how do I know that is a plural?


Here is a general rule to keep in mind: If you see a word in German which is plural, it is ALWAYS feminine. Think of any German word you know, and the plural will have the feminine case, Der Mann ---> Die Manner (umlaut above the 'a') Der Junge ---> Die Jungen Das Kind ---> Die Kinder Das Haus ---> Die Hauser (umlaut above the 'a') Die Kirche ---> Die Kirchen

Also, like the comment above, it definitely helps to know the gender of the noun anyway. When you learn new words in German, don't forget to learn the gender of the word!


I cannot really agree upon "words in plural are feminine". The definite plural article for every noun in nominative case is always "die" but the nouns themselves keep their genus.


"If you see a word in German which is plural, it is ALWAYS feminine. Think of any German word you know, and the plural will have the feminine case"

I utterly disagree, and you do fellow students a disservice by suggesting this confusion. Nouns do not change their gender just because they are plural. All you are seeing is that the nominative plural article is "die" for all three genders.


The dative article for the plural nouns and feminine singular nouns make a difference, telling you that plural nouns are not feminine.


Die Löffel = the spoons; Der Löffel = the spoon

Die Schlüssel = the keys; Der Schlüssel = the key There are equal in plural or singular and there are more.


It never recognises my pronunciation here while an online translator understands me perfectly with the exact same pronunciation ..

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