"Com as ações tomadas pelo coronel, ninguém terá ficado ferido."

Translation:With the actions taken by the Colonel, nobody will have been injured.

August 31, 2013

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Is "tomadas" (tomar, I think?) the correct verb to use here? In what tense is it conjugated?


I like a challenge. My guess is it's the past participle (particípio passado) "tomado" inflected to agree with the feminine plural "ações".

As to your first question, "tomar" means to take, so it seems appropriate.


Ahh, that would make a lot of sense.

I've only seen tomar used in cases such as Take a bath or Take medicine, so I wasn't sure about that.



Yes, that's it. Os remédios tomados... / as medidas tomadas..../ a ação tomada.../ as tomadas não estão funcionando.... the outlets are not working...

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