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"Hvorfor har manden lange arme?"

Translation:Why does the man have such long arms?

March 21, 2015



This translation is not quite English. Perhaps: Why does the man have SUCH long arms? - or - Why are the man's arms SO long?


Det ved jeg ikke, min ven. Jeg er født i denne måde.


Correction: "Jeg er født denne måde." or more natural: "Jeg blev født sådan (her)!"

Edit: "Jeg er født på denne måde." doesn't really speak about the one being born, it speaks about the way the birth went. So, it doesn't really work as a translation to "I was born this way." (Which I assume, perhaps falsely, was your starting point.)


That was, indeed, what I was going for. I was considering using "sådan", but I wasn't sure if I'd get it right. So, would "jeg blev født sådan" be correct?


Yes, it would be correct. We also say it with "er". "Fordi jeg er/blev født sådan!" or "Sådan er/blev jeg født!" I think the same applies to the English way "I am/was born like this."

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