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How to use immersion?

When submitting a translation on the immersion material does it supersede previous translations by previous (probably better) translators? I want to have a go, but don't want to mess up people's work. I thought that lots of people submit and the translations get voted up and down, but some people on the forums seemed annoyed that their translations get overwritten. Can anyone clarify how it works please?

August 31, 2013



The newest translation overwrites the previous translations. If you want to "have a go" at translating, try filtering for articles that need to be translated, or look at the progress bars. White means "needs to be translated", light gray means "translated, but needs to be checked" and black means "translated and checked". Look for articles with lots of white and gray.

If you think you can improve the current translation, then of course you should go ahead and submit an edited translation. But if you think the current translation is good or you don't think you can improve on it, it's better to move on to another sentence rather than submit a translation that you don't think is as good as the current one.

I think people get annoyed when their sentences get overwritten by gibberish, or a revert to a word-for-word translation that makes no sense in English, or when pointless changes are made, such as someone replacing "website" with "webpage". If you're changing translations in good faith with the belief that you are improving them, you are unlikely to annoy people, especially if you take advantage of the "add a comment" box to explain why you made the changes you did.


Cool, I will look for the ones that aren't translated yet. Thanks for the reply


I'm a bit of a newbie myself, but it is my understanding that the newest person's translation attempt will always overwrite the older version. But don't fret, within a couple of days someone else will overwrite your translation. The power lies in the average of the many versions so dive in and add your voice to the mix.

Does anyone else know when and if the translations are retired (considered finished)? In his TED talk, (www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQl6jUjFjp4) Luis mentioned something about the translations of 50 beginners being as good as one professional translation.

What changes the quality score of the translation? Is it harmony in the translation attempts? The percent of "looks good" scores?


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