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Esperanto Duolingo on Actual Fluency

Actual Fluency just released their interview with me about the Polyglot Gathering in Berlin and Duolingo's Esperanto course! The relevant links:

March 21, 2015



Cool, thank you and thank you for building this awesome course which I can't wait to start.


To everyone saying thank you, I just want to say "you're welcome!" It's our pleasure to work on this course for you!


Thanks a lot, Chuck! For sharing and for your hard work on this course! :) I look forward to starting it!


The interview is quite long and Duolingo is discussed in the second half if you are looking specifically for it.


I tried to learn it when I was 7. I hope I can finally learn it and be able to communicate with other Esperanto speakers.


Thank you so much for creating this course. I'm really excited about the Esperanto course!


Very interesting podcast! I would love to go to the polyglot gathering. Are there ever any in the US?


In October, there will be the Polyglot Conference in NYC. It's a little more formal... we won't be organizing that one, but we'll be attending it! :)

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