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  5. "Manden har en brun jakke."

"Manden har en brun jakke."

Translation:The man has a brown jacket.

March 21, 2015



So because it's 'a' brown jacket, not 'the' or 'his', brown is 'brun' instead of 'brune' here? Sorry if this doesn't make sense...


I suggest that everybody who has problems with the extensions of coulours read the explanation on the mobile website of Duolingo. After reading it is quit simpel to know what the extension should be.


"en jakke" is an indefinite, singular, common gender noun. Therefore the colour brown, an adjective, has no ending: "brun"

Danish: An Essential Grammar, 2nd Ed - main rule for indefinite declension:

[paragraph] Adjectives agreeing with common gender nouns in the singular have no ending (‘zero’ ending, marked for convenience as ⊗), those agreeing with neuter singular nouns add -t, and those agreeing with plural nouns add -e


So if there is a common gender in plural, how do you write "brun"?


According to the rule above, in the indefinite declension, adjectives that agree with plural nouns (of both genders) add an -e: "brune".

There are some exceptions to the main rule for indefinite declension, and separate rules for definite declension.

Other Duo exercises for indefinite declension:

  • brune bjørne = brown bears [plural so "brune"]
  • Drengen spiser brune ris i august og september. = The boy eats rice in August and September. [ rice as collective/plural noun so "brune"]
  • Den brune bjørn spiser et brunt jordbær. = The brown bear eats a brown strawberry. [ singular, neuter indefinite strawberry so "brunt"]

Note there is a separate rule for "Den brune bjørn" - the adjective is declined the same as the plural form for both common and neuter gender nouns when there's a definite article.


I forgot how to spell brown. OML


I did the same thing as you. I'm guessing and this is only a guess that the color brown my be irregular in these cases. That's my guess. Can anyone clear that up? Mange Tak!


Which man is this? The one who has a brown jacket?

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