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Spanish translation oddity

I was reading BBC Mundo for practice and enjoyment and I found this article discussing whether cracking your knuckles leads to arthritis http://www.bbc.co.uk/mundo/noticias/2013/08/130828_mitos_medicos_artritis_crujir_dedos_finde.shtml.

The story contained many references to "yucas, conejos o tabas" (yucca, rabbits, jack). I think it might be mistranslated but I can't find any other meaning.

Google/Chrome offers an English translation that doesn't make much sense and invites people to improve the translation. Here are two other questions.

Can I upload the article to Duo? Are there restrictions about taking material from other sites?

I'm sure this (and the question below) has been asked and answered a hundred times but when translating, should we go for the closest interpretation of the original author, or the clearest and best representation of the information?

Thanks Duo community!

August 31, 2013



have you tried the Add a new document button on the translation page ?


I understand how to do it technically, I'm just wondering if there are copyright/legal restrictions to what one can upload.


Yes. As it notes on the upload page, documents must either be in the public domain or under creative commons, or you must be the copyright holder. Some people have written to copyrighted sites and have requested (and gotten) permission to translate their articles here, so you might see some copyrighted articles in the immersion section, but generally they need to be public domain or creative commons.


I suspected that. Thanks for the info.


The wordreference site has forums that are useful for these types of phrases. I found a reference to sacar conejos here http://forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=557674


What a great site! Now I know the idioms for Mexican, Peruvian and Chilean knuckle crackin'. So rabbits are accounted for, now all we need are yucas and tabas. Thank you cerick01.

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