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Wrong time zone. Can I fix it?

I am in California (and have never visited DuoLingo anywhere else), but the time zone for my account is set incorrectly (probably on Eastern), as last night I was doing skill strengthening and around 9PM or so, my points began counting toward the next day. Can I fix this? I may often be using DL at night and would really like this to be accurate.

March 21, 2015



I have the same problem (up in seattle). I just noticed I missed saturday evening tho I did my lessons at 10:30 pm. Check around website, dont see where this can be changed yet.....


the same here in China, don't know how the counting system works


I have to learn French here before 12 am, but I am fine with, too haha.


same for Moscow time zone, a day starts at 11:00 pm.


I just lost my streak because I didn't have a chance to get enough XP before 9PM, when my account flips to the next day. I tried inputting my location in the profile/settings, but that did not fix it.

[deactivated user]

    I have the same problem in Seattle. Duolingo cuts me off at 11 p.m./2300. That combined with the fact that they are no longer giving lingots for streaks has me just about forgetting about streaks, and possibly duolingo. Since I've completed the Spanish tree, there's really no way for me earn lingots, so why would I spend them on a meaningless streak? Totally mystified why I'm getting cut off at 11 p.m. My computer time is set to PST/PDT. Don't know why Duolingo can't recognize that.


    How do you come to know that your account flips to the next day OR about the cut off timings

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