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Bad explanations!

I recently started Swedish course on Duolingo and the first mistake I found was in The "Basic skills 1" lesson. The new tasks were added "kvinnan" and "mannen" and there was no explanation for the article "the" in the Swedish language. I hope this problem will be fixed soon. Lover of the Swedish language, Luke Jijer

March 21, 2015



It is explained in the notes to the sixth (or seventh) skill, aptly named "Definites". For the first few lessons of every new language you just have to accept some things to be explained later. Unless you want a fully theoretical course before doing any practical exercises; that would be reading a grammar book before starting a conversation course. Some prefer that but in general the chosen approach works better.


At least, It needs to be written that those grammatical rules will be explained later. It filled me up with kind of pessimism to this language course.


I totally agree with this. I really don't like to just start memorizing things and then find out later why they are like that. It doesn't seem useful except to someone who plans on just knowing a few words/phrases and then giving up on the language!


Agree. There was explaination but it confused the living daylights out of me for a week.

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