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  5. "Det är det sämsta hotellet."

"Det är det sämsta hotellet."

Translation:It is the worst hotel.

March 21, 2015



What's the difference between "sämsta" and "värsta"?


Either is usually fine. But there can be a slight distinction where sämsta has the sense of "being of the worst quality" and värsta does not.


I keep being tempted by the false friend word and want to write That is the same hotel. I stoped myself in time so there is hope foe me yet. :-)


When does the superlative end in 'e' and when does it end in 'a'? ''Sämsta'' versus ''sämste''.


The a is used in the definitive case. With the e is the old masculine form. You may find the Wiktionary article on dålig insightful.


Why is it "det sämsta hotellet" (def) but "den sämsta bok" (undef.) ?


When you put a relative clause after an expression with an adjective, the noun can be indefinite. So den sämsta bok does not work on its own, but you probably saw it with a relative clause: Det är den sämsta bok jag läst 'It's the worst book [that] I have read' – the last part of that sentence is a relative clause, which you can see from the fact that it could have started with a that in English.

So Det är det sämsta hotellet but Det är det sämsta hotell jag har bott på
and Det är den sämsta boken i hyllan but Det är den sämsta bok jag äger (the worst book in the shelf vs the worst book I own)


Wow. Thanks, Arnauti. This issue had me confused for so long. I hope I'll get the hang of it now that I have this explanation.


In a previous example, I got "Det är den sämsta bok jag vet." where the noun is indefinite, but now in the same structure, we have a definite word. Why is there such a difference?


devalanteriel left an a comment explaining that on the other sentence: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/10877218/


Thank you! I couldn't see the discussion part back then as I accidentally skipped to the next sentence too fast.


I missed this thread so I just wrote an answer here too! :)


Oj oj oj! Tack så mycket för förklaringen! :)


I answered: "this is the worst hotel", but Duolingo said my answer and should be "that is the worst hotel", whereas here you write "it is the worst hotel". So is it "this is", "that is" or "it is"?


If it were this then the Swedish would be det här or detta. det can be it or that.


I wonder if it's 'Heartbreak Hotel' ???



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