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Thanks, some comments and a question

So first of all thank you for continuing to update and improve duolingo. I have been using this site for a few months and while some updates are better than others - overall it is steady improvement. I think you are really listening to the feedback and I like the results. So some feedback for the latest update - I like the new choices being offered for feedback and commenting on the various sentences. I do miss that we don't always get to see the translation now. We used to always get the translation but now it only shows up if we are wrong, have a mistake in our answer, or if there is an additional translation. I was always reading the translation when I was correct because it was a good reinforcement. I like the newest method being used for translating articles better than the previous methods. It is the best so far from the translators position in my opinion. Here is a question for you about a feature that isn't currently available --- do you think there is a way to make the vocabulary printer/save friendly? I would really like to be able to work with the vocabulary on my own and it is quite a task to go through the lists as it is. I am about to start writing them out - but hey I'm a lazy 21 century girl :P and I'm hoping for an easier way!

December 16, 2012



Thanks. First, there was a bug that resulted in the translation not always being shown, but that was fixed yesterday afternoon. Is it still happening? If so, can you show us a screenshot?

Second, yes, we will have a printer-friendly version of the vocabulary :)


oh awesome - thanks! yes I see the translations are being shown now. perfecto :)

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