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Lingots, a virtual store, and a more fun way to learn!

We're starting to test something new that we think will make Duolingo a lot more fun. It's a virtual game currency we're calling Lingots that you'll find in the Duolingo virtual "store". Since Duolingo is totally free, you can't pay to obtain Lingots. You earn them to get items that help you along your language learning way.

Intrigued? We thought so :) Here are the details:

  • What can you get in the virtual store? A heart refill, which can help you pass a difficult lesson right before you lose; a streak freeze, which allows your streak to remain in place even after one full day of inactivity; and a wager, which allows you to get more Lingots when you accumulate seven more days in your streak.

  • How do you get Lingots? By leveling up, by learning a skill, by finishing a lesson without losing any hearts, by having longer streaks, and by inviting friends that end up signing up to Duolingo. Basically, by being awesome.

  • Where can you use Lingots? They're global, so you can get them and use them across languages.

To get current users started, we've given everybody 10 Lingots for every language in which they have reached Level 3 or higher. At first, only 25% of you will see this test, but everybody should be getting it in the next few weeks. We'll also be adding more fun items to the store over time.

Let us know what you think!

August 31, 2013



AAAAAH!!!!! I'm jealous of all the people who have Lingots!!!!!! I want them!!!


Yeah, so do I! At least we know our lack isn't permanent.

I wonder if any of the other users would want to take a screenshot so we could at least SEE the cool new web technology.


I've actually seen what they look like because I went on my sister's account, and they are really neat! They kind of look like some sort of red jewel or gem. I can't wait until everybody gets them! :)


Yeah same here, I looked on my brother's account.


1 Year Ago........ You're right, they're irregular,red,oval-like hexagons that have a(n) white outline that is, oh, "fairly' thick.


Well like clarabouch said they are red gems but the lingot store is a tab on our home pages. http://share.pho.to/3bQvD/original


Ok, after having found myself among the beta group with the Lingots, and after having spent time earning them and browsing through the store, I have some positive things to say about Lingots. Lingots are useful for one reason only: collecting more Lingots. Mind you, this is a very good reason! Coins are pretty much disposable since you earn them whether you finish with full hearts or squeak by with zero. Lingots are different. You have to really want them to get them. I've since found myself sweating over getting through a lesson without losing any hearts just so I can get the stupid Lingot. Sometimes this meant suffering through the same lesson several times just to get it right (and getting white knuckles after losing a heart on the last exercise). It becomes a mission. That stupid, worthless Lingot is mine! Why? Because! (<== which is the best reason anyone can give, ever.)

Furthermore, I think the "Double or nothing" Lingot wager in the store is worthwhile because it challenges you to stay on a 7 day streak in order to earn your 5 Lingot wager back plus 5 more. O rly? Challenge accepted!

That being said, I still think the Heart Refill and the Freeze Streak items are for cheaters. If I lose a streak due to illness, vacation, natural disaster, nap (very likely), or kidnapping, then I feel that it is deserved. Even if it is not due to personal negligence, but to the general impotence of the universe, losing a streak is still losing a streak. In such cases I implore one to take one's licks and start over honorably. But that's one man's opinion.


Oh boy, I must be a real lingo nerd cause I was already like that before Lingots came around! I am determined to finish every lessen with all my hearts - even if it means taking the same lessen thirty times in a row. However, it's nice to know that now, my obsessive behavior will be rewarded. :-)


Yep, I started 3 days ago and keep repeating a lesson to get a lingot. Every day I go back to what I learned the day before and do the same. And I didn't even care what the lingots are for or that they can be exchanged. They are a way to make me repeat until I really feel sure I learned.


Well said McChin! Really excellent analysis and should help a lot of people get into the system. I'm internally motivated so I don't care about coins or Dingots, but I know a lot of people who get overcome by inertia and frustration - as you explain it, this the new system should help them a great deal.


This sounds quite useful. I'm already level 25, so I won't be able to get any Lingots from leveling up. Should higher levels start off with more Lingots?


You will get plenty from continuing your streak! I hit 70 today, and was given 7 Linglots.


Hey that's a good idea...


Start a new language ;)


I got the Lingots! I think there really cool :) I think the next item to the store that should be added is freeze the timer in timed practice for like 5 seconds or something. I think people would buy that one a lot as well.


If I make it through a timed practice I feel like I've done something special. I'd like a Lingot for that.

If I make it through with all 20 coins, I know I've done something almost superhuman. I'd like two Lingots for that.

Sometimes I just know I could make it all the way to the end of a timed practice if I had 10 more seconds. I would spend 3 Lingots for the chance to prove it.

Sometimes I'm so sure that I can ace a timed practice that I would wager 5 Lingots to prove it.


Do you think you can put things in the store that are reward based in addition to the performance aids? Maybe some cultural related videos or things of that nature? I don't think I'll want to use the performance aid ones much.


That is such a great idea! Understanding one's culture is very important when learning another language.


By giving someone a heart when they can't pass the level ... doesn't that impede actually learning the material?


You'll have to earn them first by getting through entire lesson without losing hearts, or practicing every day so you don't loose your streak, for example. So it IS difficult and it doesn't make it any easier. :)


You should make little souvenirs for us to buy! :D


I like lingots. I used them for the "double or nothing" streak. I'd use them for a streak freeze if I knew something was coming up that would prevent me from getting to the computer. Heart Refill is overpriced to use to get the 3 heart bonus - which only earns 1 lingot. OTOH, it would be good for French, where I often do half a lesson, surviving with zero hearts, only to get bamboozled by some long crazy sentence on my last question!


Looks awsome!!!! Now you can exchange your learning work for some rewards which is very nice and actually encourages you to learn harder :)


This will be a very good feature in Duolingo Luis!

I usually stand on my last heart on most of my lessons and get pretty annoyed when I failed cause of a typo.

Just wondering, Will we get Lingots for lessons + the levels we have already reached? It feels kinda strange being on Level 11 and having the same amount of Lingots as a beginner :P

Anyway, Thanks and keep up the good work! :)


Awesome. And I have Lingots \o/ Looking forward to trying it out and feeding back. Thanks, as always, Luis.


How do I know if I have it.. I want it! :(


They are on the home page, next to "words learned" and "streak".


Yep, just saw 'em on my brother's account. I'm so jealous haha. I think that the "double your wager" thing is a great idea. It could really encourage people to try to get a good streak.


It could really encourage people to try to get a good streak? It already does ;)


I didn't get the Lingots... anybody want to post a screenshot?


Yes, can someone PLEASE post a screenshot?


I like it. I'm not really sure what I would use the Lingots for yet.. so far I just 'risked' 5 to double my points, but it will be interesting to see how it turns out. I can see myself purchasing a one day streak freeze as an insurance policy. I know there have been a few days where I almost forgot and was struggling to complete an exercise 10 minutes before midnight.


I have started and then stopped learning Spanish numerous times in my life. However, with Duolingo you have made it educational and fun! I think the Lignots will add another layer of fun. :) I believe I will finally make it to my goal to learn Spanish with your help. Thank you!


I like the Lingots idea and have just started to use them. Brilliant! How about being able to earn a Lingot for a certain number of Skill points achieved in a day...say 100?


Sounds nice, but 100 is easy for some. I'd think 250 is more reasonable (You could get 25 Lingots!)


I found the Lingots but I can't find the Virtual Store,, Any help ?


At your home section, above your language learning there are 3 sections:

language skill tree | stream | store

click the store part


I like them and I already used a few! But I want my coins back! I can`t see them anymore because of the lingots.


Another great new addition. Just a quick comment about hearts: I do not like to lose them and have to restart the lesson, BUT, I get a lot of profit from redoing it, because, let's face it, deep down I do need to redo it and reinforce my learning. And, as we practice, we contribute to sharpening the accurateness and tolerance of the translations of the sentences.


I cannot wait to get these things. I am SO sick of having to repeat a lesson because I make one last mistake on the last sentence of a lesson, especially when it happens to be an audio question. The Italian voice is currently notorious for being illegible.


I like the idea of earning Lingots because it would definitely encourage me personally to get on duolingo every day and try to pass lessons without missing any hearts. But I feel as if I would be cheating if I refilled my hearts, froze my streak, etc. Why not give us an adorable little owl avatar that we can customize by buying personal items for it? Something as little as this can really encourage us to earn more Lingots without using the "cheating" side of it.


How fun! I just noticed my Lingot jewel or I would have used it on the second module of Spanish indirect object pronouns. Oh well, the bald spots on my scalp will grow out eventually.


Uh, I have a life obsession with learning languages, and Lingots seem like a very cool and different new way of learning languages. I was like, "What the heck just popped up on my bar?" before I saw this. It seems like a good idea, I must say, and stuff like streak fills and wagers seem good for my vacations and other stuff. But heart refills? No matter how annoying losing a lesson on the last question is, I don't think we'd be learning the language as well with heart refills. Sorry.


First thing done as one of the lucky fourth: double down, baby.


Excellent update. I think this is a great way to motivate us :)


the more they make it like a game, the more I get addicted to duo! Still don't have it but it looks very cool


I like the idea. I think it will encourage people to work harder at learning a language. Plus, it'll make learning a language more enjoyable!


This sounds great! Can't wait to see them, but considering the fact I have yet to see the "You can now translate X%" feature yet, I have a feeling it'll be a while...


I have a question, how much does the timer cost? Everyone already has it so it seems impossible to tell unless I create a new account.


The Lingots are a well thought solution. They are kept from being outrageous by the lack of stockpiling, so you can't just buy 10 heart refills. You only get one. Same with the streak-saver.


I love the idea. :3 I hope I'd like to get the Lingots soon. x3 It's been so long since I hiatus of my languages studies. It's either because I'm having too much things to do at school and simply just too lazy. This idea would motivates me a lot.

I hope there's like a virtual game or something, so we can chat to another Duolinguist(?) with avatar (or not), we can dress them and buy all the accessories from some kind of store or something. Of course, we have to use some kind of currency (not real money ofc) to buy things, which we can get them by leveling up, by learning a skill, by finishing a lesson without losing any hearts, by having longer streaks, and by inviting friends that end up signing up to Duolingo. Basically, by being awesome.

Just an advice~ Because I couldn't find that kind of game so, yeah. Nuh, just don't mind me.


I'm curious how streak freeze works. Do you buy it before or after (or during?) the missed day? if you buy them before, can you buy more than one and keep a stockpile in case of unforeseen circumstances?

[deactivated user]

    What does this mean? http://imgur.com/4ZukgA0 I don't really understand why Timed Practice appears in the store.


    I'm guessing that this will be a feature newbies will have to purchase. Which I like the idea of. Timed practice can be cruelly hard, true. But it is also a streak-saver if, for example, you are not able to get to a computer, but you are running through the mall while being chased by dogs. You can quickly log in at an internet kiosk and answer one question to keep the streak alive. (True story.)


    My guess is as good as yours: I think they'll implement additional ways of practising and that you'll have to invest a bag of lingots to activate them. After all, you can't spend all that money on love potions...

    [deactivated user]

      With these lingots you should be able to buy badges. Badges should just be cosmetic and not help you at all.


      I guess since these things just started appearing, and I had to search around to figure out what they are, maybe some sort of email explaining them would have been useful? No matter, found this here. I am a gamer, if that helps for your beta testing. My feedback: I don't care? I think they will be very motivational and helpful for some people. It seems balanced enough that it can't be abused (and even if it is...you're not helping yourself learn a language so the person loses to themself in the end). But as for me, I have two weeks where I can be on duolingo everyday, and then two weeks where I can't, and then back again (work schedule). So streaks is not something that's practical for me to worry about. I haven't cared about this new system where the gold coloring goes down when you don't come on for a while, in fact I find it annoying because now I can't look back and see where I should maybe touch up, and where I excelled. But lately I've been noticing they aren't going down, so maybe it's not that it goes down for each individual lesson but just as long as I log on? The only useful thing I will use my lingots for is buying a heart refill, mostly because my spelling just kills me sometimes (I am normally a very good speller but there was a streak in spanish where I was dying).

      I don't really care for the 'game' side of duolingo but it doesn't interfere with my learning, either. So hopefully it helps someone out there, because it seems like it's been thought out well. I do appreciate that it doesn't take away, only seems to enhance (if I want) my experience. Wish I could give my lingot testing to someone who'd like to use them. Oh well!


      I think the lingots will motivate my daughters (10 and 8) to "play" duolingo even more. We enjoy "playing" together and as much as I would like them to desire a second language intrinsically, they are more apt to extrinsic influence. They strive for coins and streaks; trying to go without error to complete a lesson, getting in a little practice each day, etc. Like we put sauce on their vegetables so they eat them, what's wrong with a little cheese too? I have lingots :). They don't but I hope they will soon. All the more reason to "play" duolingo.

      You don't have to use them. You can ignore all of the "statistical" aspects and just enjoy learning another language.

      Some of us eat the right things with the help of sauce and cheese.


      Where do I find the link to the virtual store?


      Can I use my lingots to dress Duo? It would be fun. I would want to keep Duo happy, so it would encourage me to complete levels and learn my language.


      True enough, but won't that distract people from actually learning French,Spanish,German etc. (A.K.A.: All the 'other' languages? *All of 'em. And won't that distract you from instead buying: Idioms,Holiday,French Progress quiz(es)? etc. (Things that increases your experience?)


      This was posted by:demonsdragonking.


      He (me), am just on this account. (by mistake)


      Ya, I'm back on my account :)! >:P


      And, note to self: It's DemonsKing. Not my G-mail.


      Well someone is bored. I have to unsubscribe from this discussion because my email keeps popping messages every time you post something. That's 14 messages in 13 minutes... just talking to yourself. At least you're on topic.


      And what would make you happy?


      I think the Lingots (I can't pronounce them right) are a great idea. I like to stock up. But I never really know what I'll use them for. 106 Lingots with no use. If you have any things I could do, please reply.


      There is a virtual store. U can buy timed practices, new lessons, streak freezes, and much more. Right beside your streak thing (I don't know what it is called), just press the Lingot, and it will take u 2 the store=)


      BTWs, way 2 go "Demonsking"! "m.spalatin" can unsubscribe from this discussion if he wants. Our gain!


      The store is sadly abandoned and my three thousand lingots have little to no value. One of the reasons I have started using other apps and sites than duolingo. Personally I think duo needs to actually listen to its users rather than simply pretend to.


      How did you get so many lingots? What are you going to do with them now?


      Got them just using Duolingo, get them all the time. What am I going to do with them. I wish I knew. Stockpile I guess !

      [deactivated user]

        You shold add more things in the store to buy, there's only like 4 or so things ow since the hearts have gone.ive got over 100 lingo ts and don't have anyhing interesting to spend them on. It would be nice to have more options such as a timed gameplay maybe a reversed practice option. Or maybe even let us get like a month premium when get to like 200 or so lingots, that would be a great incentive to get people to carry on learning.


        Why not make it opt in/out?


        Because we test all features with a random sample of users to see what effect they have. Letting people opt in would bias the statistics.


        Science has just confirmed: this is 100% certified awesomeness!


        Wow this will make learning even more fun! Will you be able to use Lingots in the iPad and Android apps or will they just be on the website? And is this in addition to the 'Guess what's hatching soon?' unknown feature? This sounds exciting!


        This will eventually go to our mobile apps.

        And no, it is not related to the hatching :)


        Hey Luis can you or one of the duo team members check out this Discussion just posted when there is time, or anyone on this discussion check it out: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/772398


        Thanks! I didn't get them :( - I'm jealous of the people who did! Is there an official release date for everyone?


        I am thinking of some new crystals instead of Lingots


        I have been wondering what was that weird tip regarding the store in Lesson practice, now I know. :)

        • 3201

        How will the invite thing work? I mean, how will it be indicated that we've invited someone?


        I am so lucky. I just started my 3rd language yesterday. :) I like the idea, especially the streak freeze. I don't always have internet access.


        I do not like 'streak freeze' it is totally not worth 10 lingots. It is the most expensive item, should be super duper, but i can -sorry - cheat and translate one sentence in 'real exercise' and keep my streak with 1 point this day.

        I suggest rather to give double XP points for 10 lingots. So i get extra incentive to learn today as much as i can :) What do you think?

        I would like also to be able to skip some lesson ( maybe for lingots) - ive already posted about it in other thread.

        Ps. I hope you are not planning a micro payment system and sell them for real money.


        Whoa, but, I went on a vacation and stayed in a hotel with no wifi last week. I played Duolingo on my iPad but without an internet connection it didn't record my streak. The day before I could've easily bought a streak freeze. I think that streak freeze was even created for that reason. I agree with you on double XP points. They should add that. Secondly, skipping lessons!? I have actually posted a comment on this before, and I'm so serious about language learning for life that I didn't even agree with a heart refill. Skipping lessons actually sounds like a horrible idea. No offense, I respect your ideas but just don't think they make much sense. And up there at the top of the discussion Duolingo promised not to sell Lingots for real money.


        Thanks for your comment Hanna. I accept your opinion but i do not agree :) i can imagine a lot of people quitting duolingo because they stuck at some crazy lesson ( like spanish clitics ). There is not only one road, let people do whatever they want just to meet them at the end of the road. So how does work the offline mode in your moobile? Does it keeps your streak? I guess no, should be fixed.


        I would be glad to be able to pay 10 lingots to buy back a day that I've already missed. I checked in too late one day and lost a pretty sizeable streak. No big deal; but, I'd be happy if that mistake could be forgiven.

        • 3194

        Maybe now I will be able to take that one-day break my therapist has been recommending since the owl began appearing in places other than Duolingo.


        what? your therapist you have a therapist for duolingo wow never would of thought that.


        I am afraid that the same will start happening to me now...


        1351 days now thats a life time


        I'm finding the lingots to be a really great extra incentive to practice every day. I'll redo lessons again and again until I do them without losing any hearts, just to get a lingot. The vocab is sticking better than ever.


        Looks fun. I think I'm going to save lingots earned from one language to use when learning another. :-)


        You get 2 lingots for every topic amendment you complete, because DUO takes it as completing the whole topic again. Maybe you should reconsider this. (But wait a few days, please, until I complete them all)


        I am one of the ones who didn't get the Lingot Test, but an idea I have is this: On languages you are making, for about 250 lingots, the payer could get a language a week before anyone else can.


        I think that using points to pass a lesson would devalue Duolingo:

        just because I can practice the same earlier lessons over and over (thus keeping up a streak), doesn't mean that I should be able to pass a lesson further in the tree. E.g.: just because I can daily prove my mastery of "I am a boy" sentences, doesn't mean I have a master of register, as in Formal vs. Casual. Even worse, I shouldn't be able to pass lessons based on getting my friends to join. I can't see how this would actually help me in any way, other than being able to post "woot, I finished a tree!"


        Where is the store and how do your redeem them?


        Third tab "store" in your home screen.


        I wish there were more things to get in the store.


        i love them! they are a fun addition and are encouraging one to learn more. that's exactly what i need. and i like the idea with the extra skill, because you can learn it if you want to but you don't have to. that is cool. i think it is awesome that duolingo spents so much time into making the whole thing so attractive!


        I like very much this feature. But there is something that I have not understood. I've noticed that there is the possibility to take 3 bonus skills. I got two of those. How can I get the third one? It seems to me but perhaps I am wrong that there are no other special lesson. I earned the idioms and the flirting lesson. Is anyone able to tell me something about it?


        how do i get to the virtual store????

        • 1795

        click on the jewel shaped icon to the the right of your number of days you have been using duo lingo. The number to the right of the icon tells you how many lingots you have earned.


        thank you soo much that help a lot now I can buy hearts


        Try what jrmas5 said. In the unlikely event that it doesn't work, you can also go here:


        thank you too but it did work you are all soo nice :)


        That's okay. But I would like to send a lingot to a fellow follower if he needs encouragement to stay in Duolingo. There is no way I can see to do that now unless that person makes a comment in the Comments area.

        • 1795

        that's a good idea. I have so many I could share too. I just don't know if it's possible.


        Awsome!! I kinda got bored of the nothingness in the lingot store!!


        This post was from 4 years ago, they have had stuff in the lingot store for YEARS now. What do you mean by "the nothingness in the lingot store"?


        What I think? I think you forgot the second last line of this post: "We'll also be adding MORE fun items to the store over time". So where are the new things? So little things in the store!


        I just noticed that I lost my 13 day streak in Spanish and French. I just started German and I had a 3 day streak there. My Spanish and French is set to 3 days now too.


        This should now be fixed. Sorry about that!


        It is. Thanks for the fast fix.


        My 43-day streak went down to 4 on my PC since lingots were introduced, but still shows up as 43 on my phone. If it's a quick fix I wouldn't mind having it restored. Thank you.


        This is a bug and should be fixed soon.


        Thanks, it's already fixed for me! Super fast.


        I'm having a similar issue myself... not that I mind much save for honesty's sake. (My French suddenly sports the same streak as my Spanish, and I'm certain it was far lower.)


        Thats awesome im on level 5 of Spanish i cant wait to start the game i just got a lingot for the verbs


        Where is the store? this is my third comment on this... I'm embarrassed


        Not everyone gets the store yet, they're testing it on a sample.


        She already said she got lingots. Anyway, someone else said that the store is another tab next to your skill trees and stream.


        The store should be beside the 'stream' page


        like with your languages? because I have lingots, but I can't find the store.


        That's great! Waiting to get my first lingots!


        I'd like to see the coins I already had converted in lingots!


        I feel like the lingots will be very helpful. Some of the lessons can be a little difficult, and I think that lingots would be helpful, especially with the heart refill.


        I have just finished Spanish Tree last week and now it feels good to be among 25% to experience this new Lingots thing .. Duolingo rocks.. keep doing the good work :)


        Sounds fun! As long as it helps studying too and not to cheat


        Hm, shouldn't the notification about having earned lingots come after the one about levelling up?


        I think that 4 lingots for heart refill is too much. At best, we can get 3 by doing a new lesson perfectly.


        Sounds awesome!! Where do you find the Lingots? I am always losing my hearts. All the time! Of course, I'm studying German...so it's natural...but still...lol.


        I already have many lingots. How can I get to virtual store and use them?


        Go to your Home screen and you'll find a TAB titled 'store'.


        I find myself working pretty hard for Lingots, but the options for spending them don't appeal to me. So far all I've wanted to do with them is wager them to get more. I'm wondering what could make me want to spend my horded fortune.

        You could add another layer to the motivation to learn, and provide a salve for the conscience for the time it takes, if Lingots could be turned into money to be given to a charity. I'd spend Lingots on that.

        Funds could go to a micro-investment pool, or an animal shelter, or something of the like that has general appeal and political neutrality. Maybe the cash could come from an education funding source of some kind, that has the mission to promote language learning.


        When will you release the lingots for all?


        Could someone show me what these Lingots look like? I don't have them yet, and I'm dying to know!


        they look like red jems. good luck with the german!


        Thanks for letting me know! And good luck to you too. :)


        Gotta catch'em all! I think it's always a great idea to add a little bit more addiction to duolingo! :D


        Hi Landsberg, lingots are already there for everybody: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/818198


        Ah, only on losing almost all more hearts did the store active. ;)


        I just want to learn a language, the daily reminders by mail are motivating, all the rest I do not care so much... but if it stimulates some people to learn harder, I guess it doesn't hurt :-)


        how can we get tshirts?


        I think this is a brilliant idea and adds to the fun of learning. I don't think it will hamper learning in any way, after all, you don't have to use them if you don't want to, but if you do.....well....here I come!


        This store still need french fries.


        I love the idea/look/feel of lingots, but I don't think I would actually use them since it feels like I'd be cheating myself. Although, now that I think about it, I guess the option to "buy" yourself a "holiday" from your streak without losing it is pretty cool. That's the most appealing perk. "Buying" a heart refill to pass a test I'm not good enough to pass doesn't appeal to me at all.


        I also just really like being able to collect "gems" in general. Not everyone would dig this kind of gamification, but if there was a way to trade certain kinds of "lingots" for more dazzling high-valued ones, I would be all over that. Kind of like Pokemon or baseball cards, in a way :)


        Where's the store? I wanna buy cool stuff :))


        Maybe make some new themes for the site you can buy with lingots or some icons. Just silly stuff but it may motivate people.


        Sounds like an added perk so it can't hurt! Way to go everyone at Duolingo! You are all awesome!


        If I'm not mistaken, if seems that I earn a Lingot for completing an un-timed practice session without making any mistakes, but not for completing a timed practice without making any mistakes. I'm just wondering why that is? It kind of makes the timed practice, which is generally more challenging, less appealing.


        I don't really use these... I like the fact people can't buy because that would ruin the whole point........ Also It is nice knowing if I am stuck then I can save the lesson with a heart refill


        I think is very practical to improve your English or other idiom, besides it's funny. I am a beginer but I belive that I will be soon in advanced jejejejeje


        I have been coming back everyday, to Duolingo, because I buy Double or Nothing, and it feels great to get double at the end of the week! :D

        It'll be great to be able to have more options. :) So glad how Duolingo helps me. :)


        How do I get rid of this fourth heart that now keeps coming up at the top of each lesson? I bought it using some Lingots but now I'm getting one less point for every lesson I complete and just now when I needed 4 hearts because I got 4 questions wrong, it told me I was out of hearts do I didn't even get the benefit from it that I was expecting.

        • 1795

        I bought the extra heart with lingot points and it was there for 2 days and yesterday, it wasn't. I went to the store to see if it showed "equipped" and it wanted me to buy it again. What??? Isn't the purchase supposed to remain a purchase as long as you have the account? Thanks.


        I think it's supposed to remain until you use it. Maybe that was a bug.

        • 1795

        yes, that is what I have learned. You repurchase after you've used it. Thank you.

        • 1795

        I just didn't realize that the first time I bought it.


        What a great idea :)


        Lingots is a great concept, so is the concept of streaks. They force the child within you to indulge more into the play.

        Afterall its this "play" aspect that makes learning both enjoyable and effortless.


        What is streaks? Is that something in Duolingo?


        streak...i mean streak...unbroken sequence of active days.... yours is 32


        I like them and look forward to seeing more items in the store to choose from.


        I think it is a good idea.


        I can't access the duolingo store with my iPad. I was able to do so last week, but now I can't. I know have to go onto the internet to acess the store.


        For some reason, when I begin a lesson I don't have hearts. I only have them in test. Also I don't see the heart refill in the lingot store. Is this because of something I've done...? ...Or does this happen to everybody and is completely "common." and okay?


        How do you claim them

        • 1795

        They are automatic as you earn them. click on the icon 4 ways to spend them once they are earned.


        Actually there are many more ways to spend them.


        ... That is if that's what you intended to say.

        • 1795

        What are other ways to spend lingots?


        Well there are many options alone, just in the store. You can give them as well. That's like: 8 (or more) options altogether.

        • 1795

        I guess since I've used those options, bought extra lessons, bought the quiz, etc., I have nothing left to buy unless they add stuff.




        (aYESHA'S comment.)


        You will receive them automatically.


        ...In all cases. (!)


        Is there a problem? I levelled up to level 7 and it didn't;t give me any lingots.


        Have you experienced any other issues? If not; I do not see a problem other than your computer may not have received the command properly and your "lingots" are gone, forever. Or, maybe you did get "them. ..." (The lingots.) ... Try logging out of Duolingo, then logging in again. Did you get any lingots?


        Ah, I see. Thank you.





        I went to comment on ur page about xp and saw this comment


        lin (short i) guht (short u) lin-guht





        lin (short i) guht (short u) lin-guht


        Thx! I was wondering 2, I just didn't want 2 ask=) Thx 2 "RikerJon" and thx 2 "Astronomy487"!!!! BTW, how do u get more than 1 language on your 1 account? I tried, but I had 2 make a different account 4 spanish.


        When you see your name in the top right corner with your picture (it's also against the day streak and the lingot bar), there's (in your case) a French Flag. Click that, scroll down and click add a new course.


        Yup. How else do you think I got to nine languages (that is only on DuoLingo)?


        Improved: I have now many pronunciations, all making comprehension. [lɪngɘt] [lɪngʌt] [lɪngat] [lɪŋgɘt] [lɪŋgʌt] [lɪŋgat] [lɪŋɘt] [lɪŋʌt] [lɪŋat]. Though, I find [lɪŋgat] the best--and easiest--pronunciation


        This is a great idea


        I love the idea of lingots and wish there were more things to use them on!


        Wo sind die Lingots geblieben? Man kann keine mehr verdienen. Where are the lingots? You cannot earn them anymore. Ou sont les lingots? On ne peut pas mériter les?


        I thought them a more stable currency than the Euro, but alas, I was wrong ... if only by a margin :-)


        I'd like to see more options for customizing one's profile. On the mobile app, you can get outfits for the owl, but I have a PC and so can't use that, and besides, that's only a start. Let's have different backgrounds and stuff that we can buy. I have well north of 200 lingots and have purchased everything available.


        I had accrued 62 lingots while binging on DuoLingo for 5 hours over the past three days. I was unclear that i could 'buy outfits' for the owl. I have to say that I thought the outfits were more lessons to learn about proper clothing and dressing up. I feel a little put off that I just spent 50 of my 62 lingots on outfits for my owl - eating up most of my lingots. It feels like I was cheated. Those outfits should cost a lot less than they do - first of all - and they should not be the first thing that I see when I want to buy more lessons in the store. I feel cheated.


        I had accrued 62 lingots while binging on DuoLingo for 5 hours over the past three days. I was unclear that i could 'buy outfits' for the owl. I have to say that I thought the outfits were more lessons to learn about proper clothing and dressing up. I feel a little put off that I just spent 50 of my 62 lingots on outfits for my owl - eating up most of my lingots. It feels like I was cheated. Those outfits should cost a lot less than they do - first of all - and they should not be the first thing that I see when I want to buy more lessons in the store. I feel cheated.


        Just wait until you have over 2500 lingots accrued from maintaining a long streak and have long since bought everything you can from the store.


        LOL my partner said the same thing to me when I told him what happened this afternoon. He laughed because he said he accidentally did the same thing when he first was starting out on DL.


        Can we have more stuff to buy with the lingots please?


        Hello Everyone! I can't wait until Christmas because you can buy a BONUS SKILL! If you really want to buy one please sent me a Lingot! Thanks!


        I tested to level 11 and have completed exercises and I have 0 lingots. Why?!


        Good move with keeping Lingots from becoming an IAP scheme. Feels better to work for it!


        I clicked on Streak Freeze without fully knowing what it is. Can I undo?


        they dont even give you cool stuff in the store


        November 2015, just discovered duolingo not long ago. Great site! I note this is a very old thread.

        Thus now would I ask, what are lingots today good for?

        P.S. If they're good for something, sure let me know and toss us some, lol! Cheers!


        I was wondering if you could make a mini comprehension test available in the store: Like a mini story without vocab hover help with maybe multiple choice comprehension questions at the end to see what we've understood from the paragraph. If they were dotted through the tree like the checkpoints that could set the level on which the test was based. I'm interested in this because thats what happens in some of the A1/A2 exams... Say 10 lingots a pop?


        how do you get more lingots if you can not buy a new skill? i only have 4.


        I have hundreds of lingots. I think I should be able to buy slang lessons in a particular language.


        I've got too many Lingots, and there is nothing more at the store to buy! How about creating more things that we can buy with these awesome Lingots?


        I've been waiting forever for the same thing ... they are totally useless once you've bought everything ... here, have another :)


        Like your still working on adding things or as I progress in Spanish?


        I still cannot see how to get to the idioms and phrases using the lingots. can someone enlighten me please?


        I bought a streak freeze by mistake. can I get my lingots back?


        YGlen, you've seen him, too? Omg I thought it was just me! Whoooo else has?


        duolingo is a great way to learn a new language


        First: Duolingo changed my life! Insted of solving sudoku I started lerning Spanish and in 1 year I am at level 22. It's a fantastic way of lerning a language.

        You should turn the comments here and in Duolingo, so the newest is the one you see when you start. Is is uninteresting to see a 3 years old comment as the first, go to the bottom and find out that there is 2 one month old and three 2 month old.

        I have bought everything I can in the shop, and I still have 582 lingots.


        I used to have heaps of lingots - always over 400, but they are now dwindling fast. I have just realised I have few ways to earn more, as I finished both the French and Italian courses ages ago, so am just doing revision to keep my trees gold. I use lingots for a streak freeze, but only seem to earn them when I hold my streak for multiples of 10 (hard when I don't always have internet coverage). Do I have to learn a new language to earn more? And if I do that, my French and Italian gold trees quickly disappear! Oh well....


        I might take them to my favourite airline and take a picture of their face when I do


        I don't know how I got involved with this discussion but received an email about it. What gets me is that it starts with a 4 years old statement, most likely meaningless when it relates with : "to start to test something new"! Perhaps something should be done about this kind of posts to make them relevant if it's possible or bury them. Personally I never took notice of the lingots and I am not saying anything about it since i don't know anything about it. Perhaps it's my bad and my loss but I don't feel that way because I am contented with the course alone.


        So now I have over 120 lingots. And no idea what to do with them ;)




        i wont be using lingots and i wish they weren't there. I like the basics of this program most and I don't want help passing tests that I should fail if I'm not good enough to complete them. I wish more effort was spent on the core of this software than adding more stuff. There are a lot of good suggestions in the discussions to source from.


        I think the point is that you have to earn them with learning. You cannot buy them - so if somebody has a 200 day streak, it is like a doing sport, you can pause a day after 200 days of training. If you pause too often your lingots are gone so there is a limit to bad use - if the system is balanced.


        There we go, for me the streak is another completely pointless aspect of the program. i just wish making points revolved around performance and not about how ocd one is about logging in every single day.


        The streak is what really makes me want to use duolingo everyday. Sometimes I just want to skip duolingo but then my streak would go back to zero (like it is now sigh). It's better to learn a little every day than to cram ever few days.


        Streaks encourage you to continue them, same thing in games.


        The purpose behind logging in everyday is to ensure that your memory is refreshed. Also, this system in Duolingo is scientifically proven to be effective. Consistent learning will allow you to improve much more quickly than learning part by part and then stopping for a long time. Just my take on this. Also, Duolingo tries to add in Lingots as motivational factors so that users would be motivated to learn more, which is a plus point. Personally, the lingots and the streak encourage me to be more consistent and learn more things everyday. Speaking/ learning everyday allows you to accumulate more knowledge!


        I disagree. I think it's going to encourage people a lot, and make it more fun.


        I agree with Samsta, Lingots will help people who need an extra boost whenever they are on the verge of losing their last heart.

        As for it being abused, I don't think there would be much of a problem because people here on Duolingo seem pretty devoted to language learning rather then buying 100 hearts just to finish the whole language tree.


        How about when you miss a heart because they didn't accept a perfectly good translation, not because you don't understand the lesson? It only seems fair that you should be able to use a Lingot to get out of it. What inhibits learning for me more than anything is being so frustrated by failing a lesson despite perfectly fine translations that I am repeatedly tempted to quit working on that language. I am absolutely using these for the more advanced lessons that need improving. By using them, I will be able to work through more advanced lessons, suggest more improvements and thereby improve the software for everyone else. It seems like the perfect move by Duolingo to improve their software.


        That sounds like a great approach, honoratus 8 !


        Encouragement is key. Gamification is the way to go!


        Wait till you get to the subjunctive skill on the french tree-- you'll be changing your tune :)


        lol i guess we'll see


        Yeah I agree with you, but those timed practices and the progress quizes you can purchase with Lingots can help you a lot!


        I agree. I haven't got Lingots at the moment so perhaps I should reserve judgement but it seems a bit tacky.


        I have Lingots and I agree.


        I barely use lingots hence the fact I have 285 of them! But I found them helpful to buy the extended progress test and timed practice.


        You don't have to use the lingots if you don't want to use them. You can just ignore them.

        Think of this: say you're taking a non-timed refresher. The refresher will not affect your progress; you're taking it to refresh your memory. You are on the last question, and have zero hearts left. Problem: you aren't completely sure of yourself, and the dictionary hints aren't helping. If you get the question wrong, what happens? You don't get any skill points to reward you for your efforts. The solution: use some Lingots. It won't hurt your language abilities; and it will encourage you greatly.


        You make a good point under that one circumstance but I am fully aware I don't have to use the feature. My only concern was Duolingo's use of their resources to put this in when there are so many other things to be done to improve the quality of their already awesome product. I also wish i could disable this ability to "cheat" from my experience.


        Ah, I see what you're concern is. Yes, they should probably add an option to turn off the Lingots. Besides what you mentioned, the Lingots could cause other problems if something went wrong. The beta testing should take care of that, but there's still the possibility.

        I guess I'm a little different in that I don't try to advance in German simply because I can; instead, I practice things I've already learned, until I think I'm ready to continue. So it wouldn't affect the quality of my learning.


        I probably won't use that feature, but it DOES feel nice to have them. They're like an extra feather in my cap! :)


        I kinda like way you put that!


        More of, for me, A token that shows me how well I've been doing. I will only use this feature for it's purpose however, and will not buy:heart refill and such. I will/have only bought Idioms,Christmas,Timed Practice and 2 wagers. (I won and lost 1.). :) :P XD! xD xd

        • 1795

        No one has to use it. I like the ability to buy more lessons like I have. Phrases that are local, idioms, how to say sweet stuff. Things that aren't just vocab. It does make it more fun. I have gotten things wrong because I've typed in in english, not spanish or vice versa. I knew exactly what it should have been and have made a dumb mistake. the extra heart is perfect for this kind of error.


        I tried to get a certificate with lingots but it took the lingots but i didnt get the certificate


        There is a timer you can equip with lingots, which is something that would make it HARDER, rather than easier, to pass the exercise, not to mention the bonus exercises.

        On the other hand, they could just be nice and let us have them.

        On the other hand, it gives us something to work for.

        On the other hand, I cannot see anything in the store that I cannot afford, and I don't have THAT many lingots...

        Where there are two Jews, there are three opinions...


        Here is a person who does not like lingots and yet people are giving him lingots???


        When will you start


        Sounds good. I would like if you complete a lesson with 2 or more hearts though.


        Lingots? Gimme quatloos or I ain't liftin' another finger! :^)


        Maybe as a nerd ranking?


        Lingots are earned by comments being liked, finishing lessons, passing without hearts, so basically learn and comment and be AWESOME.


        We well I think it is dumb cause I can't get them and it is really hard to get them ovsily


        "jrmas5" is right. Otherwise, why would you learn? You would just waste time and hard-work for something that could increase your capacity of knowledge and Wisdom. Think about it.?! Maybe.(/)((?))(((!)))

        • 1795

        it takes time and practice. They aren't handed to you on a platter, you must earn them. They are not dumb. They give incentive.


        Lingots are earned by comments being liked, finishing lessons, passing without hearts, so basically learn and comment and be AWESOME.


        I dident get the virtual store


        I just found it next to the stream tab. It is almost invisible maybe you also didn't see it!


        are any one in there

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