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There is a mistake in the French course

In the 'Feeings' section of the French course (Lesson 4) The female voice at one point clearly pronounces he word "fille" but the red 'Answer' panel corrects the input to 'fils' . Oooo ... so irritating!

August 31, 2013



If you spot a mistake, you can report it right away with the button on the left of the screen.


This seems to happen in more than one place. I don't trust the way the TTS voice does fils, fille, and their plurals at all. I think it may be random.


Yes slogger. I've noticed the same problem elswhere. To check pronunciation I've been using the Larousse French Dictionary App on my iPad. It's truly brilliant!


davidholgate, that sounds like a good app. Thanks for mentioning it. Can it pronounce phrases, too? . . . My wife has an iPad. Maybe she'll let me use it if I ask nice. :)

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