What is the difference between "mochte" and "wurde gern"?

Up to this point, we have been using "mochte" for "would like", but now we are using "wurde gern" in this lesson. Is there a difference of usage? or are they interchangeable?

August 31, 2013


They are mostly interchangeable. You just have to note that you can use "möchte" both for "würde gern" (would like to do) and "hätte gern" (would like to have):

"Ich würde gerne schlafen" = "Ich möchte schlafen" - I would like to sleep

"Ich hätte gerne einen Apfel" = "Ich möchte einen Apfel" - I would like to have an apple

September 1, 2013

That clears things up- thanks!

September 1, 2013

Are there other conditional words besides "würde? and "hätte"? For example, "If I had more money" would be "Wenn ich mehr Geld hätte." But what about "If I had run more laps," as in running around a track. Would you then have an umlaut somewhere in the verb "rennen"? Thanks!

October 30, 2013

Every word in German has two subjunctive forms (for rennen you can look them up here: that can get used to describe a condition:

Wenn ich wüsste was du sagen willst... (if I knew what you want to say...)

But you normally take a helper verb like hätte, wäre, würde to describe a conditional:

Wenn ich mehr Runden rennen würde (instead of "wenn ich mehr Runden rennte" which sounds odd to German ears since the form is not used often).

In past tenses, you have to use wäre anyway:

Wenn ich mehr Runden gerannt wäre

October 30, 2013
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