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is it a good idea for all students to learn another language?

for me as a student/teacher i think it is a good idea for all kids in elementary through high school to learn a language they want other that their origin language for example English students should learn Spanish or another language of their chose and for Spanish speaking students they should learn English or another language they live and will take their time in actually trying to learn it and putting effort into that language, they would like to learn and speak it in the future.

March 21, 2015


[deactivated user]

    personaly, i think that psoinpete has a real point. Learning a language is a skill that not only will help you, but can help you reconize english words. If you are concitering not doing another language not a skill then that technicly means that reading and writing aren't either.. That's just me!


    what do you think?


    You've said WHAT you believe, but not why. Why should it be required? What would the benefits be?


    A greater understanding of your own language for starters. Then there is a better understanding of the culture of others, a broadening of the mind, it generates an interest in younger children to learn more about languages in general and it can also be useful if you live close to a community where they speak your target language (L2) firstly for practicing your conversational skills and secondly to communicate with some who cannot speak your L1. I could go on but that should be sufficient for now.


    I think learning another language could help in lessening, if not remove, linguistic biases against certain languages. For example, a lot of people say German is an ugly, harsh language. However, most of the people who say this are people who don't know German. If these people actually start learning German, they will see that German can be a beautiful language. Yes, you can scream in German, but you can also scream in English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Hindi. However every language, whether it be German or Guarani, can be beautiful.

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