"Spelaren gör fyra mål"

Translation:The player scores four goals

March 21, 2015



I have a feeling I know which player you are refering to :p

March 21, 2015


'The player scored four points' was marked as incorrect. As far as I know, goals are pretty much the same as points, so could someone explain that?

December 21, 2016


I think it's usually fine to use the word "points" instead of "goals", as they often mean the same thing. I'd still not use it with this sentence, because the way of scoring the points (goals) is specified. There was anyway a small mistake in your answer (or was it just a typo :'D); it was in past tense (the original sentence was in present). So according to your comment your answer was (when translated to Swedish) "Spelaren GJORDE fyra POÄNG". If the "scored" wasn't a typo, the correct answer is here: "Spelaren GÖR fyra MÅL".

Sorry for the veeeeery long answer, but I hope this helped you :)

August 4, 2017


Maybe you are right in some cases butit is not exactly the same meaning EX. when you score a goal in basketball it can be 1or2or even 3 points and in american football it can be more points.i think if we could use other words instead of score it could be helpfull to get the better considration

December 31, 2018


It seems odd that this one is in the present tense. Maybe if it said the player scores four goals every time he plays......

August 25, 2018



December 31, 2018
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