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"I would have had children, if I were not so old."

Translation:Jeg ville have haft børn, hvis jeg ikke var så gammel.

March 22, 2015



I'm more interested in the more common Danish way of saying this type of sentence, which I haven't mastered yet. Would it be correct to say "Jeg havde haft børn, var jeg ikke så gammel"? or "Jeg havde haft børn, hvis jeg ikke var blevet så gammel"?


The English tenses do not seem to match the pattern of past conditionals; see for example https://www.englishpage.com/conditional/pastconditional.html .


I am puzzled by the order of the words in the second part of the sentence. Shall I give a try at the positive alternative? "Jeg ville have haft børn, hvis var jeg yngre." Is this the correct guess?


The second part of the sentence is a subordinate clause. In subordinate clauses the adverb (in this case ikke) appears before the conjugated verb instead of after. Otherwise it works like any other sentence.

Your sentence would need to be "Jeg ville have haft børn, hvis jeg var yngre."


I swear it to be 'hvis jeg var ikke så gammel'

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