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"There are animals on the farm."

Translation:Tá ainmhithe ar an bhfeirm.

March 22, 2015



Can "sa" be used in place of "ar an"?


I couldn’t find an example of san fheirm or sa bhfeirm being used for “on the farm” rather than “in the farm”.


So, I guessed correctly this time (or not quite 'guessed,' it just sounded right to my ear) but what is the rule regarding 'bh' here?


preposition + an makes eclipsis


3) Preposition + Definite Article

Eclipsis occurs after certain prepositions where they are joined by the singular definite article an:


This seems to translate to "animals are on the farm". Is there a difference?


Either English translation is possible from the Irish sentence.


How do you know this is "animals" and not "animal"?


ainmhí - "animal"
ainmithe - "animals"

Creating plurals in Irish isn't as straightforward as it is in English, where, for the most part, you just stick an "s" on the end. With Irish words, there are a number of different patterns, but you still have to be familiar with the singular form. (In this case, ainmhí could be mistaken for a plural, because some plurals are formed by adding an í or to the root).


Ok, I think that must have been what I was doing, thinking "ainmhi" was the plural form and that confused everything. Thanks again.


Why are both bhfeirm and fheirm correct?


Ulster Irish uses lenition rather than eclipsis in this situation. The course teaches eclipsis, as that is more widely used, but for the sake of people who have already learned some Ulster Irish, the lenited form is included as an acceptable alternative answer.

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