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Any lists of Danish idioms?

Does anyone have a website or anything

March 22, 2015



Don't know any website, but here are a few idioms/proverbs to get you started:


Being drunk = være stangstiv (Lit. stiff as a rod"), være stangbacardi, have en kæp i øret (Lit. hav e a stick in your ear), have en lille fjer på (Lit. have a little feather on, to be a bit tipsy)

Have a stick up your butt = have ondt i røven (lit. having pain in the arse), gå i små sko (lit. walk in small shoes)

Hairsplitting = flueknepperi (lit. fly f---ing)


"Blind høne finder også korn" = Lit. "A blind hen also finds grain". Even an idiot sometimes says or does something correct even if by accident. In English I have heard the expression "even a blind squirrel stumbles upon an acorn".

"Der er ingen ko på isen" = Lit. "There is no cow on the ice". Nothing is wrong, there is no drama or problem.

"Der er ugler i mosen" = Lit. "There are owls in the swamp". Something is not right. Things are not what they seem. Someone has ulterior motives.

"Tyv tror hver mand stjæler" = Lit. "The thief thinks every man steals". A person's excessive suspicion or distrust of others is believed to be a projection of their own character flaws.

"Mange bække små gør en stor å" = Lit. "Many small streams turn into a big river". Little things add up over time. Often used to teach financial prudence to youngsters.

"Tomme tønder buldrer mest" = Lit. "Empty barrels make the most noise". Often those who have little of substance to add to the discussion are the ones being the most vociferous in expressing their opinions.

"Han er ikke den hurtigste knallert på havnen" = Lit. "He is not the quickest scooter on the harbour". He is stupid.


Here's a list, though without any translation to English.

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