"Hjälten i sagan är en blyg flicka."

Translation:The hero in the fairytale is a shy girl.

March 22, 2015

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Is 'the heroine' also a translation for hjälten?


Thanks. 'Hjältinnan' would also work?


Yeah, though I don't think I'd say it myself, it sounds a bit old-fashioned to me.


I'm guessing indefinite is "Saga", could saga have the same definition in English or is it reserved for fairytale?


Yup, indefinite is saga. Its meaning is colloquially restricted to fairytale, but like in English, it can be used for old chronicles too (e.g. Njáls saga).


The fairytale's hero is a shy girl. Is this not acceptable? I know the word order is different, but it means the same thing...?


The hero of the fairy story is a shy girl. What's wrong, please?


Fairy story is not the same as fairy tale. Fairy tale is a fixed phrase in English - even one word fairytale. A fairy story would probably be specifically a story about a fairy. But a fairy tale can have kids, witches, mean old men and so on, but not necessarily any fairies.

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