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  5. Finished my first tree!


Finished my first tree!

Thank you all so much for helping me with Spanish. There is no way I could've gotten this far without you guys. I think I will continue practicing just Spanish on here for now, but maybe later start some French! ¡Muchas gracias a la Duolingo Team!

August 31, 2013



Some obligatory questions =)

Do you have previous experience learning Spanish? Did you use any tools other than Duolingo to learn Spanish? How much Spanish do you feel you know?


I find studyspanish.com helpful for additional grammar excercises.


Yes, I practiced with Visual Link Spanish for, i think two years (not often, because it wasn't fun) but I learned like 5 times as much in one summer. Any tools? Well, I have a translator app on my phone and I'm constantly translating things that I'm wondering about. I feel pretty good about how much Spanish I know, because I play minecraft on a Spanish server, and that's very helpful (and fun!). What I need to do is watch more movies in Spanish. So far I've watched three. A lot of the stuff that will help you the most is just fun (Movies, video games, music, chat rooms etc.).


Also, I forgot to mention that my family had a 16-year-old boy (I'm 15) from Spain staying at our house for 3 weeks this summer. I wasn't talking to him in Spanish very much at all, actually. Mostly just asked him questions like "how do you say this?" and a few Spanish phrases.


Good for you! I'm doing the German. Really enjoy learning a new language, If I had known would've done it a long time ago, but better late than never.


The next goal is to get it to level 25! :-P


Yep, and now I think I'm going to try to finish the English from Spanish tree also.


Hi Samsta! Very good you finished it, I've just started seriously working on spanish about two weeks ago and I've learned a LOT, amazing tool this duolingo! Anyways, I thought you may like some ideas of what to do next, so I thought I mention some here: - register for an exam, test your level and get a certificate. - buy a book + dictionary and start reading. start with one that is not too big of course ;). look up and write down every word you don't know. You can use pen and paper, or flashcard software to study this vocabulary. - translate more texts on duolingo. Again while writing down new vocabulary. - listen to spanish podcasts - and spanish movies. Some that I liked: tambien la lluvia and diarios de motocicleta. - listen to spanish music: jorge drexler, buika - find a spanish pen friend on the internet. or better: meet people to have a language exchange. - get a book method for learning spanish and work through to strengthen your basis. Good luck! Cheers, Jasper


Good job! I still have a long way to go


Good for you! I'm learning Italian to connect with my Italian roots :)


Nice, Felicidades!


You should do all of them, except Italian.


What do you have against Italian? haha


Nothing, but by the time you get around to doing Italian, Duolingo will probably have implemented the feature that allows users to create courses for languages more useful than Italian :)

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