"I like these colors."

Translation:Eu gosto dessas cores.

August 31, 2013

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I'm not an expert but i'm a native and a think it's a bit like "this" and "that". We normaly use "desse" when the object your are talking about is nearer the person you are talking to and "deste" when the object is nearer to you. (Don't use this "desse" and "deste" refering someone, it is kind of rude lol).


Can anybody explain me the difference between [de + esse = desse and de + este = deste] Seems to me, they mean exactly the same


Shouldn't the translation be "Eu gosto destas cores"? Isn't "dessas" a contraction of "de essas" ("of those")?


I agree, so does my Portuguese wife.

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