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"Qual país será a potência do futuro?"

Translation:Which country will be the power of the future?

August 31, 2013



What is the difference between the Portuguese words "potência" and "poder"? :)


Paulenrique answered this question for me here: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/730761


I don’t understand this sentence. What does that means to be the power of the future? Will we use countries instead of oil latter in the future to power our cars?


The future power is a better translation. So, if America loses its status as a world power, the EU could become the future world power.


EU?!? That's a good one. With no army and bombings every month?


this is only learning a language...not political debate ! Enjoy life everyday !


This sounds way too awkward directly translated into English. Even "which country will be the future power?" is still rather strange sounding. I'd go with superpower. It works in both cases, "which country will be the superpower of the future?" or "which country will be the future superpower?"


Brazil is the country of the future... and always will be. - Charles DeGaulle

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