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Does Duolingo include names of countries and cities?

I'm not sure if Duolingo ever covers names of states, countries, etc. (like Pennsylvania or Berlin). That might be crucial if discussing places in another country. Does anybody know?

It might also be helpful to learn simple stuff related to addresses. Think of "lane" as in S School House Lane - what's the German equivalent (if any)?

August 31, 2013



Well on the "german" I've had Berlin, Dresden, Bavaria, and others I can't recall this second.


Frankreich, Großbrittanien, Österreich and die Schweiz come to my mind now, I'm also pretty convinced I've seen Hamburg in there somewhere :).


Sort of, but only if they're connected to the language in in question. Vienna, Austria, Switzerland, and a smattering of other European places are in German, but Africa, Asia, South America, North America, and Oceania are completely ignored (unfortunate, to me - given that it's a U.S. outfit doing this, you'd think that translating "United States" would be useful, and I'd like to know how German handles something like the Central African Republic more clearly). Spanish, likewise, deals with Spanish-speaking countries.


I had Boston come up yesterday in a Spanish sentence about subways...


Great. I'll look forward to that when I make it to that stage of the tree.

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