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  5. "Le robot est brillant."

"Le robot est brillant."

Translation:The robot is shiny.

March 22, 2015



Can brilliant in French also refer to intelligence, as it can in English?


The French "brillant" is a word that slices and dices. It can literally mean "shiny" and it can also mean "brilliant" as refers to an admirable personal quality. Be aware that it is often used euphemistically in French to mean just the opposite, as in "les résultats ne sont pas des plus brillants" (the results were not very good at all). Source: Oxford French Dictionary


I am wondering this too. Duo accepted "The robot is brilliant," but I certainly didn't mean it in shiny sense. This site (http://www.wordreference.com/fren/brillant) does say that it could mean "tres intelligent," but I'd love for a native speaker to weight in.


actually I thought of the shiny sense (I'am native french).....and thought to myself that the sentence was stupid......maybe juste because I am a girl, the kitchen robot came first in mind and not the really smart robots which have real IA


I love me some robots (bad English used intentionally)... I'm trying to understand why robots are mentioned so frequently in Duolingo. This is a serious (albeit weird) question; Are robots a significant part of the French culture?


Mords mon cul brillant métallique!


I heard it as "leur robot est brillant". Is there any phonetic difference?


Leur and le are quite different: LœR versus Le, where phonetically the should be an inverted e, a schwa. Leur has a vowel sound that does not exist in English and the r is pronounced.


It still sound like bruyant after several repetitions


So what is the difference between 'brilliant' and 'shiny'? They both translate to the same word, but how do you know which one it is?


Shiny would seem an appropriate translation here. The word robot was first used in a Czech sci-fi play by Karel Čapek, and I believe the actors playing robots wore shiny costumes.


Any tips for pronouncing "brilliant"? It's a bit tricky.


pronounce brillant like this: briyant. the y sound is in the middle


No, you don't pronouce the final t (in the masculine form) and the n is not pronounced but nasalises the a. IPA is /bRi-jā/.


I know robot as 'food processor' also. Word reference confirms.


Robot=food processor? That's legit? You aren't messing with me, right? That's a real and genuine thing?


I wish I had access to something other than a smart phone so I could read all the notes and tips...


I guess I'll try googling my question.

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